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I only partially agree with your statement. Reading the source is important, but reading the source is time-consuming. When you have time contstraints, having code (especially third party libraries) where documentation and code are coherent in behaviour, and especially where all available functions (i.e. public API) are well documented, that's a real plus and speaks for the quality of the "supplier". When you have API and code that don't match, a load of undocumented features and you go on by (even obvious) trial and error, that's not good because you always have in the back of your mind the idea that the block/component/library you're using is not production ready and can become a thorn in your side. Then, of course, reading a WELL WRITTEN and WELL DOCUMENTED source is a way to improve oneself, as much as reading a book in a foreign language you want to master. I agree with the final statement from Zmaster: "Good documentation is a must, don't oversee it."
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Feb 28, 2012