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My company (a small real estate brokerage with a few developers) had a hackfest and it was great! I wrote up my experiences here: So, don't limit this type of free thinking work just to development staff--some great ideas came from people who couldn't code. One difficulty is the deliverable--instead of running code, powerpoints or presentations were given. I see two main benefits of hackfest (or 20% time, etc). * new ideas that come from the time spent, even if they take some time to be fully incorporated * a culture of innovation and respect for ideas from anyone The second benefit is a concept that is not revolutionary at small tech companies, but for lots of other organizations it is. We'll be doing another hackfest this year--I'd like to ramp it up to at least twice a year. Dan
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I wish I'd thought of the funny nomenclature, but I didn't. I did however, express this thought back in 2004: Dan Moore
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Mar 15, 2012