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Jefferson and Madison the founders of the original Republican Party were libertarians, i.e. followers of the natural law philosophy of John Locke, and opposed to the Hobbesian centralist ideas of the Federalists led by Alexander Hamilton. The same battle is being fought today with the Ron Paul Revolution in the vanguard of the Jeffersonian Republicans seeking to unseat the centralist Trotskyist neo-cons who infiltrated and took over the Republican Party in the late 1980's with the assistance of the Moral Majority Christians. The latter were deceived by their blind devotion to the State of Israel that the neo-cons used to manipulate them into supporting their imperialist agenda. This is why Ron Paul opposes the present foreign policy of both parties that is at its core an internationalist communist dream of world domination. He is well aware of the provenance of the warmongers and has described it in detail on the floor of the Congress. As Dr. Paul has said the ideals of liberty are relatively young and the American Republic was the very first national expression of these ideals. The traditional impulse of rulers of any description has always tended towards tyranny and it is the fruit of the latter tree that we now see coming to maturity in America. This is the issue at hand and this is why the Ron Paul Revolution are so determined to succeed. They are the few who know that the tree of liberty must be watered from time to time with the blood of patriots, whether figuratively or literally
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May 3, 2012