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@Charmian "Conviction is a luxury of those on the sidelines." I endorse anyone willing to volunteer their time to serve. It is ironic that the two individuals willing to sacrifice their time and sanity to serve are women while the men do all of the complaining are unwilling to serve and enjoy the luxury of the sidelines. I too agree that party means nothing in a small town. If it did, the tree ordinance would never pass. No modern day Republican would agree to such a socialist policy. Good luck with your candidacy.
Kristen Wilson has now declared all of the Ten Commandments optional. That fine with me. I always thought they were way too restrictive.
@Average Citizen Thank you. I looked it up at Merriam Webster Dictionary site before I posted the meaning. I think it's disingenuous for Kristen Wilson to say the interpretation of the meaning of "shall" when the City Charter was written didn't mean "MUST". Of course it meant "MUST" back then. Now wonder this town can't agree on anything.
@Charmian The examples I used were used to illustrate were rules are used that are already in place. The term "shall" means "must" and the City Charter says a replacement MUST be selected.
Charmian, I could see how my logic could be confusing so let me explain. When you elect the Council there are rules to how long you're electing them for and there are also rules as to what happens if one of them resigns. The same happened when our U.S. Presidents were killed or resigned. There are rules already in place as to who replaces him. There are no national elections held to decide who replaces them. If there are no rules in the City Charter as to what happens when a Councilperson or Mayor resigns you might have an argument but, I think there is a section in the Charter that covers this sort of thing. That is American Democracy, the full electorate doesn't need to be involved with every decision our elected officials make because it would be impractical to implement. Even if there were no clause in the charter covering this,as I said, the Council was elected democratically and should be a proxy for your interests and still would have the right to pick someone to serve until the next election. Kristen Gillibrand was picked by the Governor to serve out Hillary Clinton's term. It happens all the time and if can happen at the US Senate level I'm sure it'll be just fine at the Rye City Council level.
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May 23, 2012