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This guy, although would be absolutely annaialating as a FS, I believe Coach just signed the second coming of Andre Johnson. Build his strength and work on his speed; holy ###t, this will be very interesting.
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It sucks that Miami fans, both Canes and Dolphins, are fair-weather fans. "Only when the teams' win" or "if its not too hot"; how many more whiny excuses can the population come up with? Unfortunately, Ive lived in Tampa since 2003, and still make it down for my football weekend's that allow me to watch both teams play. And if I still lived in S. FL, I'd be at the stadium for each home game. There is a magic of being at the game, seeing it live, seeing records fall, and even watching the reaction by the players post teams' lossess. True football fans are not fantasy staticians; they appreciate players such as Paul Soliai, who won't rack up tackles or sacks, but sacrifices personal achievements for the greater good of the team. That's football; real football. So stop your whining about how humid it is, what time the game is on, etc... You chose to live in S. FL regardless of the environmental consequences which means you've accepted it. And if you've accepted that, then such excuses cannot be used as the basis for the argument as to why the population is not showing up for game day. Economic hardships, taking care of family members first- ABSOLUTELY! Whining about the environment as a reason not to come out and support your hometown teams, you are nothing more than a fake. Go Canes / Go Phins!
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Although hot, I'm thinking the fascination with Lauren Tannehill is becoming a little overboard in both the Herald and sports writing overall. More so, it should be considered disrespectful. If Ryan proves to be half as good as Marino, we should embrace him and treat him with all due respect; to include respecting his wife as well. Just sayin....
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Aug 15, 2012