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An by the way, there is already a Hispanic version of FOX, it's called Fox Latino. These bloggers think they're doing journalism but they're just like parrots repeating at a whim whatever they feel like; true or false, who cares!
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Its obvious you didn't actually read the whole New Yorker story by Ken Auletta, I'll be happy to send it to you. Instead it seems that you only read Marc Caputo's spin of the story by in his blog where he audaciously interprets the conclusions reached by the author and carefully ignores key quotes that call him out on the poor job he did on his original Miami Herald story. Here is an example that clearly states that there was no such "extortion" ever attempted:Could I see the notes that Alex Burgos took during the call? After I asked a second time, he said, “It’s fine.” The notes conclude with Burgos asking if the story might not run if Senator Rubio cooperated on a profile of his life or gave an interview on “Al Punto.”Lee’s response, Burgos writes, was “Your interpretation is fair.” Lee says, however, that he offered three Univision options: report a stand-alone news story on Orlando Cicilia; have Senator Rubio cooperate on a network profile; or have him be interviewed on Jorge Ramos’s “Al Punto.” Whatever the venue, Lee says,the issue of Orlando Cicilia would have been raised.The Herald portrayed the conversation as a shakedown; the notes suggest a contentious discussion. Furthermore, all six of the Univision employees on the call deny that there was any such offer and say they were not called. When I asked Manny Garcia, one of the article’s co- authors, whether any of the “Univision insiders” he spoke to were among those six, at first he told me that the network wouldn’t “volunteer” anyone on the call.
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You should invite more scrutiny on your reporting... I tend to believe The New Yorker Vs Marc Caputo.
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Jan 3, 2012