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Newt is the only person who can and Will defeat OBAMA..Every person that God used in the Bible fron Abraham,Moses,King David and The Apostle Paul were all people that had serious shortcomings.Yet,they were the people God Chose to Turn things around.Abraham was an Idolitor,Moses had Killed the Eygyptian overseer,King David had Bath-Sheba's Husband Uriah put on the Front lines In war so he would be killed.That made Him an Adulterer and a Murderer.The Apostle Paul was Saul of Tarsus who had been a Crucifier of Christians before Jesus Struck him off his Horse on the way to Damascus to crucify more Christians.Gingrich has asked Jesus Christ into his heart he is a New Creature.God has forgiven him of his Sins and will now use him to Give this Country one more chance.Romney is a Morman.The "Bible" calls them "False Prophets" and an "Accursed People".If he is the Nominee,True Bible believing Christians will sit on their hands and not participate in the general election.Obama will easily win..
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Jan 24, 2012