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@DrMaxHathaway I appreciate your in-depth reaction to the LDS church. I am an ex-Mormon who has a lot of problems with the doctrines but more so with the founders of the church and their moral character. But I did find some problems with your dressing down: It's "Lamanites" not "Laminites" and they were supposed to be descendants of Laman and a tribe of people located in the Americas. But you are correct that they are described as "cursed" and a "dark and loathsome people." This extends to their belief that Africans are direct descendants of Cain (brother of Abel) and who are likewise "cursed." Although the church was founded by shysters, the church now generally promotes values that coincide with the general Christian populace. It is a church who's beliefs are amorphous that change with popular belief i.e. finally allowing blacks in the priesthood (after the civil rights movement), banning the use of alcohol, tobacco, etc when the Temperance movement was gaining popularity (as a way to entice members who recognized the evils of addictive substances), polygamy (after being outlawed), and many more. What people have to see is that most religions are silly and can be brought down. One should always look at how one personally acts, not what religion they are. If their religion is still an issue for someone, then look if they generally promote peace and understanding. I believe that the LDS church is peaceful, even though they may have some religiously brainwashed members, they are generally successful members of society. This is because the church promotes a self discipline/control that is lacking among a lot of people these days. I predict that many more Mormons will come into positions of prominence because of this. This will then cause the LDS church to distance themselves and/or even change a lot of their core beliefs in order to become even more mainstream. So religious tolerance, in every form, should be practiced. They have placed themselves as a legitimate church with their size and numbers. The only way that they can be considered a "cult" is by Christians. Because if it's a case of "who was here first," all of Christianity could be considered a cult by the Jews. Give Romney and other Mormons a break. Most of them recognize the inane and weird qualities of their religion. Even if they don't, they're not hurting anyone and can generally be considered good citizens of this country.
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Jan 25, 2012