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everyone needs to read this: Bob Dole telling us all about the real Newt Gingrich. Face it, Newt cannot beat Obama. Every poll shows it. Newt has baggage - ethical baggage, lobbying baggage, family values baggage. Romney has success - leading a state, a business, an olympics. Newt has never lead anything. A vote for Newt is a vote for Obama in November.
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Wow, do evangelicals hate Mormons? why? have you EVER heard a Mormon belittle an evangelical? probabaly not. How "Christian" of the evangelicals to treat people of another faith this way. And cult? there's 14 million Mormons. Players in mlb, nfl, nba, members of Congress, CEO's and a lot of hard working people are Mormons. They tithe a full 10%? You've just got to ask why evangelicals hate Mormons? (and if they say they don't, check for growth in their nose)
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Jan 26, 2012