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Gent in Flanders.
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Neven wrote: ... keeping the cold in the centre of the Arctic and winds pushing the ice inwards ... Albeit the daily Reorganiser charts are showing quite the opposite? Showing since months almost the entire Arctic in an "over heated" state. And some borders [Bering Sea, NW Canada ecc...] quite a bit colder as usual? Addirittura, yesterday our other tool, Ogimet showed spots of -1 ºC and -2 ºC near the central Arctic! So, whatever it could be, I'm afraid we really don't know much about the reason why.
... and a downtick again at ADS-BIPR, [defying Saturn] minus 0,013422 km² yesterday. And so 2015 is closing in to 2012 now. Insomma, despite the record lows in Alaska, the gain on the Bering Sea side can't compensate for the losses at the Barents Sea side and Hudson Bay. Incidentally, according the the Climate Reorganiser Alaska is heading again to another "heat wave" next week ...
Bill Fothergill wrote: A slight typo there Even worse, bad a calculation. Looks like Saturn [The Bringer of old Age] has hit me severely. Saturn must be responsible too for the forgotten remark, namely there has been a small downtick yesterday. Albeit we can't assume the melting season already would have started, can we?
In accordance with the ADS-NIPR standards, yesterday 18 Novembre 2015 [9,0 km²] just dived under 18 Novembre 2007 [9,4 km²]
Pete Williamon wrote: While it is impressive it's not that unusual in October" Yep. Meanwhile, the "laptev-bit" has been nearly filled, with as a result a considerble slown down in ice creation. And there is still no ice bout 250 km North of Wrangel Island, which is unusual as well as impressive in the end of October. :-)
Toggle Commented Oct 22, 2015 on PIOMAS October 2015 at Arctic Sea Ice
Ghoti Of Lord wrote: ... Obuoy 13 movie includes the ice breaker... So it is at Obuoy 8 movie, Obuoy 14 movie and Obuoy 14 movie too.
Toggle Commented Oct 5, 2015 on 2015 minimum overview, part 2 at Arctic Sea Ice
Some hot news from the Obuoy Front: Obuoy 9, Obuoy 10, Obuoy 11 and Obuoy 12 have been deactivted. OTOH, Obuoy 8, Obuoy 13, Obuoy 14 and Obuoy 15 have been installed and are fully operational now. Feel free to download the Obuoy collect file
Toggle Commented Oct 5, 2015 on 2015 minimum overview, part 2 at Arctic Sea Ice
Abbottisgone stated: So, I AM ASKING... And why do you ask!? Back in september 2008 NSIDC already stated NW-passage and McLure Strait would remain blocked the coming Septembers for years and years to go. We here in this very blog and alreday in the second week of August 2015 noticed McLure strait would remain blocked this year by the countless shelves on the loose. For sure the year 2015 will be remenbered as the year of the shelves on the loose and the rotten ice. So, why are you asking for the obvious?
Toggle Commented Oct 2, 2015 on 2015 minimum overview, part 1 at Arctic Sea Ice
John Christensen wrote: ... the opposite of the case with the cyclones in 2013 and 2014 Actually, we should add 2012 to the list as "the storm" in 2012 was a cyclone too, wasn't it? OTOH, from the NASA images of the countless shelves on the loose this year 2015 it's looks clear there wasn't a firm compactness in July-August at all. Yes, it should have been according to "the rules" [high pressures], but it wasn't. Yet another singularity. :-)
Toggle Commented Sep 27, 2015 on 2015 minimum overview, part 1 at Arctic Sea Ice
UltraVerified wrote: Does look like we're at the minimum ... Of course. According to the temperatute anomalies for the Arctic at Reanalyser --> Arctic temperatures will be above avarage, except for the very Arctic center. Meaning it probably will be something like a stall for the next week, or better, there would be only small dayly 'upticks'. For Baffin Bay temperatures would be slightly above average too. Whereas it would be a different story for the Greenland mainland where temperatures are expected to be highly above avarage. Meaning the big floating glaciers such as Ilulissat and Helheim would further be prone to extensive calving events.
Toggle Commented Sep 12, 2015 on PIOMAS September 2015 at Arctic Sea Ice
Jeff Dillon quoted: ... from the perspective of research oceanographer Jim Swift... For sure Jim Swift ia a man of science, nevertheless he (and his fellow companions) missed the scoop as well as the most worrying important: There was a seal near the ship at the Pole and people saw bear tracks on the way here, so the ecosystem we associate with the Arctic Ocean – a simple food chain from phytoplankton & algae, to zooplankton, to Arctic cod (a small fish that lives under the ice), to seals, and finally to bears – is active even at the Pole. Seals and their Icebear preditors shouldn't have any business in the center Arctic, at more as 1500 km from their natural habitats. Because the ice field is to dense thus the distance from one air hole to the next one is to long to allow seals to breath and evolve. And of course, where no seals are there won't be icebears either. So, if seals are appearing in the center Arctic, even at the Pole, it means the ice has been fragmented that much already that seals are able to live and feed there. And icebears have been forced to follow their dinners into an rather icebear unfriendly environment - over 1500 km away from their natural habitat. Making me repeating myself in saying 2015 even has been even worse as 2012. It won't be a good nighty night sleep for me...
Toggle Commented Sep 11, 2015 on PIOMAS September 2015 at Arctic Sea Ice
Taras wrote: Could you comment on that please? Nonsens like that shouldn't be commented. It's clearly a mistake, and we only can state Sam Carana doesn't check his home work before delivering it.
Toggle Commented Sep 8, 2015 on PIOMAS September 2015 at Arctic Sea Ice
BillV asked: Is there a known reason for such a difference between DMI Extent and the others? Assuming this isn't a rethorical question, the answer is "Yes". And the "yes" means that each organisation is using it's own private standards. NSIDC uses a mean figure of the 5 past days. ADS-Jaxa use a mean of only 2 past days. We don't know really which standards the Dansks are using. But, for example, on their charts "the arm" still is almost entirely present. So, that alone could explain a 1 million square km difference. Let's say they are a bit over cautious and concervative in Danmark. :-)
Toggle Commented Sep 8, 2015 on PIOMAS September 2015 at Arctic Sea Ice
AbbottisGone wrote: ... or do I just not know where to look? Apparently, as our Neven himself already wrote quite a few comments about that matter this very year. And other than this blog, just compare the Dansk DMI and Uni-Bremen charts from March-April to these of July-August-September. And although it isn't mandatory at all, you always could have a start here at the 1st of the month parade. And to sum up, early last winter about 50 % of the multi-year ice had been shifted to the Beaufort- and Chukchi Sea. All of that transport has vanished now. The remaining 50 % at the Greenland and Canadian Archipelago coasts has been divided in half, more as a half actually. On top of that, virtally all of that remaining MY ice has been broken into countless ice shelves. All of these factors together lead to my conclusion it never has been as bad as this year, not even 2012. Incidentally, today [=yesterday] again an uptick noted at ADS-JAXA, so that's 3 days in a row an uptick now.
Bambara wrote: to 365 and by definition it can't be higher than every day. Quite right. And after all, to me it looks more like a rather valueless statistic only good to please deniers. Meanwhile ADS-JAXA shows an uptick two days in a row. [+ 20.000 square km and 'only' + 300 square km]. Thus, albeit the remains of "the arm" are bound to melt out, it's about sure this year will be the 3th or 4th lowest, with the 4th rank as the most probable. And let me remind you that it is fare worse as it looks like, as this year has been a disastrous one for the multi-year and thick ice. Incidentally, to day at Tiksi a horrendous temperature of 18 ºC, so it ain't finishd yet.
John Christensen wrote: ... unless another storm should appear in the next 7-10 days doesn't foresee cyclons, on the other hand predicts temperatures above average for the entire Arctic, for that period. So, it well me be things will be worse as it looked like half of August, and that 2015 would become the second worst year ever. And even in some other respects the worst [multi-year ice loss]. Not above average, but far above average are the predictions for Greenland, starting already yesterday, and for more than a week. Look at these unbelievable max highs at Nasa-Se. At an altitude of 2405 m!! Appena da credere...
Toggle Commented Sep 1, 2015 on Arm's race (and a storm) at Arctic Sea Ice
By the way, there is a full archive of what is going on here at this link: Barrow Sea(not-yet-ice) images.
More bad news: the rather primitive dykes washed away by the actual storm at Barrow Alaska. IIRC these “dykes” have (had) been build in 2008, when it became quite clear that due to the massive ice retreat the coast line was in direct danger from August on ...
Noteworthy, Baffin Island has regained his full status of island now (time being) as can be deduced from today"s Uni-Bremen map. At the other end of the archipelago, shelves on the loose are more and more blocking the M'Clure Strait. Well, this year there is a record amount of shelves on the loose, isn't it?
Toggle Commented Aug 25, 2015 on ASI 2015 update 6: one more high at Arctic Sea Ice
NeilT wrote: It would be interesting to compare the 98 melt season with the 2015 melt season. We even can do better and include the “accident-years” [as deniers use to call it] into a comparision. The “accident-years” being 2002, 2007 and 2012. Note there seems to be a 5 years space between each “accident”. Just click onto this link: NSIDC semptember comparison. 2005 which was a minimum record year too is included too. To compare other months, just change the month selection and click onto refresh. And of course, you can include other years too if you would like it to do so.
Toggle Commented Aug 21, 2015 on ASI 2015 update 6: one more high at Arctic Sea Ice
TenneyNaumer wrote: You can see that we have never had so little ice there. . Never!? We already have had severall years the Nares Strait was enterly open in the beginning of August. And by the way, do you realize the ice shelves blocking Nares Strait now are 10 @ 20 km across? No, Nares Strait won't become free this year.
Toggle Commented Aug 20, 2015 on ASI 2015 update 6: one more high at Arctic Sea Ice
A-Team wrote: The north side has had a real-time, open source web cam run by Dr. Holland of NYU Courant Could you publish the new link to this cam, as the old one isn't valid anymore.
Toggle Commented Aug 19, 2015 on Jakobshavn record retreat at Arctic Sea Ice
Jim wrote: That may be what the Bremen visualisation suggests, but MODIS revealed this yesterday ... Any particular reason why MODIS should to be considered as more reliable as Uni-Bremen [or vice-versa]? Do keep in mind it's [already] 14th August now. So, there still might be a few centuries to come till the end of the month, but that will be [has been] it. Al the more as doesn't foresee any special event in the next week. And sure, the melting proces might continue till the end of September, but only at a 5000 @ 15000 square km rate, hence peanuts (as it has been each year hitherto]. I'm sorry, but by making wild assumptions we only are feeding deniers'lusts, and yes, to predict now, on 14 august 2015 that 2015 would be "the first" is a plain wild assumption.
Toggle Commented Aug 14, 2015 on A wetter and warmer Arctic at Arctic Sea Ice
Let's avoid at all costs sheer speculations - it only feeds the deniers' lusts. The day before yesterday [5.662.981] minus yesterday [5.618.256] gives minus 44.725 square km, far to less to even think about the “1st” Bottom line: 1st: impossible 2nd: unlikely 3th: slightly possible 4th: possible 5th: about sure.
Toggle Commented Aug 14, 2015 on A wetter and warmer Arctic at Arctic Sea Ice
Albeit not 'officially' declared as such, the daily Uni-Bremen chart shows Amundsen's route is cleared and free now. OTOH, the NW-passage is getting more and more blocked by shelves pushed into the McClure Strait [into direction Baffin Bay]. So, it's fair to assume tne NW-passage won't open this year.
Toggle Commented Aug 14, 2015 on A wetter and warmer Arctic at Arctic Sea Ice