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Gent in Flanders.
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John Christensen wrote: ... unless another storm should appear in the next 7-10 days doesn't foresee cyclons, on the other hand predicts temperatures above average for the entire Arctic, for that period. So, it well me be things will be worse as it looked like half of August, and that 2015 would become the second worst year ever. And even in some other respects the worst [multi-year ice loss]. Not above average, but far above average are the predictions for Greenland, starting already yesterday, and for more than a week. Look at these unbelievable max highs at Nasa-Se. At an altitude of 2405 m!! Appena da credere...
Toggle Commented yesterday on Arm's race (and a storm) at Arctic Sea Ice
By the way, there is a full archive of what is going on here at this link: Barrow Sea(not-yet-ice) images.
More bad news: the rather primitive dykes washed away by the actual storm at Barrow Alaska. IIRC these “dykes” have (had) been build in 2008, when it became quite clear that due to the massive ice retreat the coast line was in direct danger from August on ...
Noteworthy, Baffin Island has regained his full status of island now (time being) as can be deduced from today"s Uni-Bremen map. At the other end of the archipelago, shelves on the loose are more and more blocking the M'Clure Strait. Well, this year there is a record amount of shelves on the loose, isn't it?
Toggle Commented Aug 25, 2015 on ASI 2015 update 6: one more high at Arctic Sea Ice
NeilT wrote: It would be interesting to compare the 98 melt season with the 2015 melt season. We even can do better and include the “accident-years” [as deniers use to call it] into a comparision. The “accident-years” being 2002, 2007 and 2012. Note there seems to be a 5 years space between each “accident”. Just click onto this link: NSIDC semptember comparison. 2005 which was a minimum record year too is included too. To compare other months, just change the month selection and click onto refresh. And of course, you can include other years too if you would like it to do so.
Toggle Commented Aug 21, 2015 on ASI 2015 update 6: one more high at Arctic Sea Ice
TenneyNaumer wrote: You can see that we have never had so little ice there. . Never!? We already have had severall years the Nares Strait was enterly open in the beginning of August. And by the way, do you realize the ice shelves blocking Nares Strait now are 10 @ 20 km across? No, Nares Strait won't become free this year.
Toggle Commented Aug 20, 2015 on ASI 2015 update 6: one more high at Arctic Sea Ice
A-Team wrote: The north side has had a real-time, open source web cam run by Dr. Holland of NYU Courant Could you publish the new link to this cam, as the old one isn't valid anymore.
Toggle Commented Aug 19, 2015 on Jakobshavn record retreat at Arctic Sea Ice
Jim wrote: That may be what the Bremen visualisation suggests, but MODIS revealed this yesterday ... Any particular reason why MODIS should to be considered as more reliable as Uni-Bremen [or vice-versa]? Do keep in mind it's [already] 14th August now. So, there still might be a few centuries to come till the end of the month, but that will be [has been] it. Al the more as doesn't foresee any special event in the next week. And sure, the melting proces might continue till the end of September, but only at a 5000 @ 15000 square km rate, hence peanuts (as it has been each year hitherto]. I'm sorry, but by making wild assumptions we only are feeding deniers'lusts, and yes, to predict now, on 14 august 2015 that 2015 would be "the first" is a plain wild assumption.
Toggle Commented Aug 14, 2015 on A wetter and warmer Arctic at Arctic Sea Ice
Let's avoid at all costs sheer speculations - it only feeds the deniers' lusts. The day before yesterday [5.662.981] minus yesterday [5.618.256] gives minus 44.725 square km, far to less to even think about the “1st” Bottom line: 1st: impossible 2nd: unlikely 3th: slightly possible 4th: possible 5th: about sure.
Toggle Commented Aug 14, 2015 on A wetter and warmer Arctic at Arctic Sea Ice
Albeit not 'officially' declared as such, the daily Uni-Bremen chart shows Amundsen's route is cleared and free now. OTOH, the NW-passage is getting more and more blocked by shelves pushed into the McClure Strait [into direction Baffin Bay]. So, it's fair to assume tne NW-passage won't open this year.
Toggle Commented Aug 14, 2015 on A wetter and warmer Arctic at Arctic Sea Ice
George asked: ... what's reality? Well, we are anyway entitled to compare with the DMI-charts from 4 months ago. And to compare leads fatally to these conclusions: - Only a small area of 5 m thick ice remains - the zone between Station Nord [Princess Ingeborg Peninsula] and Peary Land. - About 70 % of the 4 meter thick ice has vanished away. - All of Cincinattus' precious 6 m thick ice in the Beaufort and Chukchy Seas has disappeared too. And it ain't finished yet ...
Toggle Commented Aug 4, 2015 on PIOMAS August 2015 at Arctic Sea Ice
Don't forget to keep an eye onto the Helheim Glacier - in the past houres again quite a mass of ice has been calved off. Actually, it now looks like more as a collapsing rather than a calving ...
Toggle Commented Aug 4, 2015 on ASI 2015 update 5: late momentum at Arctic Sea Ice
Something special. Go to the Barrow webcam and download the image to your desktop. Open the image and magnify to full screen. What you'll see then just in front of the horizon is “the pack” now drifting towards the beach - if wind direction would persist the entire mass would crash onto that beach. CFR this UNI-Bremen map too.
Looks like this year's final stage will start at 30th July. Then a (meteorological) depression is supposed to take in the central Arctic. Sending from 1st August a series of warm precipitations from over Wrangle Island to the Beaufort Sea and the North Canadian archipelago. cfr the weather reanalyser.
[A reply typedad induced belated] NeilT wrote More interestingly is what is happening off Banks Island and the Canadian/Alaskan coast .... but a quick look at o-Buoy9 tells the tale of what is going on. Not exactly, as Obuoy 9 already has entered the Fram Strait and probably even already has passed Station Nord. Yes, Obuoy 9 travelled al the way from the East Siberian Sea to the Northern coasts of Greenland and so further on to the Fram Strait. Meaning, what we see at Obuoy 9 is the Northern part of the Greenland Sea with it's large polynia visible at the UNI-Bremen maps. Anyway, Obuoy 9 will show us unprecedented images from the Fram Stait as well as the Greenland Sea...
Jim Hunt wrote: Hooray! Typepad is back in action Sort of. Nor SeaMonkey nor Firefox nor Safari still don't work properly, unless in the preferences you: 1. Uncheck “remember zoom level for this site” 2. Check to on “Allow site to use it's own characters” Or maybe just one of both. It costed me !##&&#$! 3 days to sort that out. (-: Allowing a site to use it own characters could be risk. Likely just a little one, but still ...
Rob Dekker wrote: ... simple started to late and progressed to slow during June to break that record. Still to early to call. Remember, in 2012 mid July we had about the same situation as it is now, with the difference now the Beaufort side is even more fragmented. Remember, in 2012 the turning point came with “the storm” in early August, a cyclon which scattered the entire Arctic apart. So, “to storm or not to storm, that is the question.” And to be sure we'll have to wait till August as usually only then this type of cyclons can enter the Arctic.
Toggle Commented Jul 21, 2015 on Junction June 2015 at Arctic Sea Ice
Jim Hunt wrote: ...depends upon the ice class of your vessel... Indeed. Back in 2012 [IIRC] there was some commotion when from June on the Russian government introduced a regular traffic of mammuth tankers from Murmansk to the East, over the North-East route of course. Tankers escorted, preceeded, by the atom ice breaker Jamal. Moreover, from 2017 the traffic will be continued all the year around when a new atom ice breaker will be ready, an atom ice breaker custom builded to the job. Other than that, already in 2009 the Jamal escorted two German cargo ships over the North-East route to the Bering Strait. Bottom line, this isn't even an issue anymore. Incidentally, some of the Russian mammuth tankers are ice breakers as well, and we really don't know what they are doing all the time, do we? :-)
Toggle Commented Jul 21, 2015 on Junction June 2015 at Arctic Sea Ice
1st Century this year: 9,731,983 ---> 9,627,576. Or do have a look at
Marginally off topic too, but to whom it may concern: About a week ago the so called ZeppelinCam vanished into the High Nirwana. Called 'ZeppelinCam' because it had been installed on a mount called 'Zeppelin' at Svalbard's island Ny-Ålesund. Albeit cunningly being hided it is fortunately still available at the following address: Bottom line, 'current.jpg' has been renamed to 'zeppelin_12.jpg' onto a different address. By the way, another cam nearby is available at the following address: So, the 'zeppelinCam' resides high in the mountain on the right of the previous image [airport.jpg].
We have had already some suspicion, but now it's clear, a first melt pond visible at the cam 1. Do look to the middle right. At the cam 2, to the right too, the “depression” the buoy is in is half filled with water.
Literal an example of what the Dutchman use to call Noorderzon (= midnight sun). Enjoy and/or download.
Tanaka wrote: ... the Larsen B they can grow to be a dozen meters deep before they breech and drain I'm afraid yo are underestimating what was once upon a time Larsen B. That shelf jutted about 50 m out above sea level, thus had a thickness of about 400 m [of which about 350 under sea level]. So a few dozen meters deep melt ponds never wouldn't have drained anything there. Remember, Larsen B split into pieces in about 24 h time, but that had nothing to do at all with melt ponds. Other than that you have it right, indeed melt ponds on Arctic floes never go deep, as they survive only for a week, max two, as it has been seen each year hitherto.
Confirmation,today, for the 19th of Juin ADS-NIPR states only a minus of 14 square km in extent, in respect to the 18th. Whereas UNI-Bremen shows a massive drop in concentration. Me thinks it's a phenomena we haven't seen hitherto ...
Toggle Commented Jun 20, 2015 on Melt Pond May 2015 at Arctic Sea Ice
Navigante wrote: sensationalist way. To put it mildly. I rather would say it's misleading as the published Cryosphere (not Cyrosphere!) chart shows SIE, not Sea Ice Concentration what the 340.000 Square kilometer are about - so it has nothing to do with Neven's ''centuries''. And that it solely is about concentration can easely be monitered at the UNI-Bremen maps from yesterday and the days before. Bottom line, we can miss that kind of input as much as Cincinattus' contributions. Incidentally, yesterday ADS-NIPR showed a drop of only 20 square km in extent.
Toggle Commented Jun 20, 2015 on Melt Pond May 2015 at Arctic Sea Ice