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Hey Wil - Thanks for the response. That's all pretty much what I expected, my surprise was that everything you just mentioned in your response was not included in your original announcement. I'd say you tend to err on the side of over-explaining your motives and thoughts in general, so it added to the weirdness to hear very minimal background on where you sat with sponsoring something. I fully support your ability to profit via sponsorship, hell I work in advertising (though like many others question Heineken as worthy of your attention). The app does seem clever and well-produced and lord knows most ads aren't. Cheers.
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I have to say this feels extremely 'un-Wil-like' to me. It was pretty unclear at the beginning what your involvement was, the blog post made the impression you were a much bigger part of the production of the app. It's pretty clear now that you've basically been paid to promote this app via your blog and twitter. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but it seems a pretty major shift in suddenly having sponsored content in your normal mix of conversation and sharing with the web community. Does the agency/client moderate your posts? Did you get to see the final version of the app before getting paid? How many more ads for Heineken can I expect if I continue following you? You don't owe your 'audience' this info, of course, most celebrities don't share that kind of detail, but I would have expected a lot more explanation from you on why you decided to do this, and the implications and conditions that led you to it, just based on your open book willingness to share in the past. Look at the way the Penny Arcade guys make a point to very clearly state how and why they work with advertisers for what I consider a clear and open communication with their community. Frankly, the whole thing feels kind of icky to me. Just one perspective from a fan.
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Feb 17, 2012