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Douglas C
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Now if you could just find the time to get with the boys from Acquisitions Incorporated and give us fans a new series of video or audio Podcasts we'd all have some new memories to enjoy. :)
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I'm 43 and just recently started getting into D&D. I too had the red box when I was a kid but I never had anyone to play with and never really took the time to understand it, though I was fascinated by it. A few weeks ago I saw a story that they ("they" being WoTC) were looking for D&D fans to help come up with the new rule set for a new edition. I started doing some searches on google and found the Chris Perkins run adventures including the PAX live games. I've been hooked ever since. I've already spent $200 on things like mini's, 4e core books, tiles, whatever I can get my hands on and I have to say, it's easy to get pulled into a world full of friends, adventure and good times, especially when the world around you feels like it's crumbling apart at times. BTW, you sucked on TNG... just kidding. My wife thinks you looked like a young Elvis... hope that makes your day. ;)
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Feb 25, 2012