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Tree, Kors, Cookies and Chords!
Interests: I want to learn how to tie knots and interpret weather. Both are awesome skills that you can use to make people think you know more than them. Both are skills that everyone should have but don't.
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Aside from the preception that all foresters love cutting down trees and destroying nature, the number 2 most hated misconception that we have to deal with is that EVERYONE seems to think that ALL cones are pine cones. Similarily, have you ever noticed that all guys call pads "maxi pads",... Continue reading
OK! So those that know me, know that I can be a little unpredictable, scatterbrained, require constant stimulation and I take change very well. Those that know me also are cracking up right now at the very prospect of me being "with the times". That is, blogging?! With that said,... Continue reading
Posted Apr 30, 2012 at Tree, Kors, Cords and Cookies!'s blog
I am so pumped for Friday night in Calgary!! I can't wait to meet you! If you could see my diary's from back in the Stand By Me days...hahahaha. Looking forward to an awesome weekend!
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Apr 25, 2012