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I understand the gist of your points. At the same time, you could say just the same about the clothes we wear. People buy clothes for status, ego, sex appeal, etc. but go tell the poor workers slaving in sweat shops that no one's buying the actual clothes they make. At the end of the day, illusion is not for sale except in our own deluded minds. By the same token, when we buy cars, we are buying an actual car with an engine and tires, design features and paint color. We might think we're buying the sexy girl on the hood who tempted us to buy it, but she never did come included with the car. Just because there will always be a good number of ignorant people among us with no adult understanding of the behind the scenes process that puts the food on the table, we smarter people should not be giving in to that kind of shameful ignorance. We should instead educate people better. Perhaps start taking our children to factory farms to see how the Disney animals they love are really treated. They can call the cheese Happy Cow, but those cows certainly don't look happy. Time for us all to wake up as a nation and get our heads screwed on straight. People have every right to make their own "free" music at home that they can sing and dance to just like the old days of parlor music in the home. Mom can slave to make your clothes free of charge too. But when people want to buy someone else's work, you have to BUY that work.
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May 9, 2012