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Jorolo Makacko
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Folks, was wondering, how does the growth look like in the future?? Mikeman,
I was wondering, how did it all go then??? Mikes,
Nice project indeed. Mikes at 2gts
Nice episode folks. 2gts
Toggle Commented Jun 13, 2012 on WE ARE ALL RADIOACTIVE: EPISODE 2 at TOKYOMANGO
Now isnt this interesting folks.
Toggle Commented Jun 13, 2012 on 48 different kinds of ojisan at TOKYOMANGO
So folks, what happened with the simpsons?? Regards, Mikes The 2 Girls Teach Sex
Was that party any good? Mikes,
OMG, love that art. You are talented. Regards, Mikes
Loving some of the ideas you share. Regards, Mikes
I really fear for the future of our planet Earth. Regards,
I wonder what will happen in France, as they have new president. Regards, Jorolok
Toggle Commented May 10, 2012 on Europe's next nightmare at Dani Rodrik's weblog
I just really like the Simpsons analogy. Regards, Jorolo
I just dont know, Turkey doesnt seem to be doing great am I right? Regards, Mikes
I just dont know where this economy is heading folks, just dont know. Jorolo,
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May 10, 2012