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@Jim Amico "I mean sadly because Scott Pickup, Brian Dempsey, City Council,Kristen Wilson, and any other you wish to parade out onto the front line should all HAVE THE SAME INTEREST as I!!! " Sadly Jim, your buddies on the Rye Good Gov't Group have made it impossible to have the same interest as you because to have the same interest as you would require close relationships BUT, as tedc's group has made sure, the Mayor, members of Council or employees of City Hall can't have a relationship with their neighbors for fear of it being used against them. See how it works Jim, you want the gov't to care but, they can't care because if you're friends with them they would be accused of preferential treatment towards you and hung out to dry at the Council meetings. Sound familiar? How about the Ethics Committee? How about Meadow Place? As you can see, the people who volunteer to run our gov't can't have relationships with any of their neighbors because it could be detrimental politically for them and potentially detrimental to their reputation and it's all because of the Rye Good Gov't Group. The group you approve of. See how good and caring the gov't has become because of that group? So if you want people to care as much as you and NOT have it "common practice, to look the other way, to kick people while they are down" we need to come together as a town and all be friends instead of having being friends a political liability. It's really up to you and the Good Gov't Group.
@tedc What does you telling Brian Dempsey to his face that he was wrong have to do with your hypocrisy when it comes to getting an independent investigator to inquire about Mayor French but allowing a extremely biased person like Jim to inquire about his issue? The answer is "absolutely nothing". By you, who is emotionally attached to Jim and that intersection which makes you also extremely biased, telling Brian Dempsey he is wrong only strengthens my argument.
@tedc You make absolutely no sense to me. Are you advocating that a person like Jim Amico who has extreme emotional ties to his intersection is the guy who's gonna be the level headed one to make the right decision and keep the professionals in check? That idea is laughable. As I've said many times before, you have NO IDEA what you want. When it comes to investigating the Mayor you want an independent investigator. When it comes to YOUR issues you want the most biased and emotionally attached person to that issue in charge. WTF? Tell me with a straight face who has more interest in a stop sign at Palisades and Midland, Jim or Scott Pickup... Jim or the Mayor... Jim or the Council??????? Give me a break. You come up with these conspiracy theories about issues where the ones committing the conspiracy are the ones who could give a rats ass about the issue and the ones emotionally tied to the issue are the credible ones who the City should heed their unprofessional advice and when they don't heed their advice there's some sort of Yahoo-type corruption. And to think people thought I wore a tin foil hat, WOW.
@Jim Amico Dissent is always a necessary evil. Take a look at yourself, Jim, you've evolved from being a dissenter to being the status quo while Brian Dempsey has evolved from the status quo into the dissenter. Tread lightly because that intersection could end up proving Brian right even tho it has proved you right so far. You never know. "We did not exist to serve the personal beliefs that any Council Member or City Manager might have" I think you are mistaken about those personal beliefs. The City Manager and the Council get their opinions from the proffessionals in charge of Traffic Safety for the City and County. They are just a conduit for those opinions and probably not their own personal beliefs. You're too hard on the Council and take it too personally when the existing laws don't conform to your views. What you need is a dictatorship that coincides with your view of the world. That would be the ideal situation for you.
@Jim Amico My last post was just using reasoning based on tedc's logic. It has nothing to do with what I believe. Code is just guidlines for the addition of new stuff. It really can't apply to old stuff because if it did the old stuff would need to be replaced using the new guidlines which would not be economically feasible. The stuff Brian Dempsey talked about were guidlines he uses when making a decision on a traffic issue. I don't know much about traffic safety code but it seems to be more flexible than the building code because there are more parameters that go into a decision. As far as your stop sign, I'm fine with the decision but it will be interesting to find out if any of Brian's concerns play out in the future. Only time and experience will tell. The only thing you can do in life is learn from your mistakes and make an effort not to repeat them. Sometimes that has to be a trial and error type learning experience because every situation is unique and unforeseen consequences are sometimes only seen by the act of doing.
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May 14, 2012