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I fully disagree with your post and I agree with the "everyone should learn to code" idea. It do not think that more code in the world is desirable, neither that coding is the goal, neither do I put the method before the problem. In fact I disagree with all you said. The fact is that people spend more and more time in front of computer. Some of their tasks can be automated. Many people write small Excell macros. This is a first step in programming. Learning how to program in Excell is very rewarding. Some other tasks could benefit from a tool that do not exist "on the shell". For example, at my work, we have some analyst guy who perform statistics on flight trajectories. He was lacking smart visualisation of the input data. He has learned how to generate a kmz file for google earth and has developped his little conversion program. He has probably spend 10 times more than a real developper to program it, but taking into account all the time needed to ask a developper to do it, the time loss is very small. And now, he can easily maintain and improve his program when the data change. "everyone should learn to code" does not mean that everyone must become a fulltime developper. It is more similar to cooking: "everybody should be able to cook his own food". This does not mean that we should never go to the restaurant or that we should become as good as a chef. This means that we have the freedom to eat without going to the restaurant and without buying junk food. "everyone should learn to code" is the same as everybody should learn how to change a light bulb, how to use the washing machine, how to iron your clothes, how to cook, ... Even if none of these things is your job, you generally knows a minimum to be independant. It is the same for coding.
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May 15, 2012