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I think this movie one of the most beautiful cinematic stories ever produced. It offers a critique to modern society but more importantly offers the hope of a wonderful and simplistic solution. This film is deeply moving and works in... Continue reading
Posted Dec 28, 2009 at AVATAR
I have never been so entranced by a movie ever. I believe that this is one of the most beautiful stories created to offer a critique on our modern culture (but certainly not the first). It speaks to our society's obsession with wealth and power and has layers of spiritual and physical implications as well. I find it very interesting that the name of the metal that the people are mining on pandora is called unobtanium. But isn't that our reality on earth? We set ourselves up with all kinds of distractions hoping for the unobtainable: happiness - that thing that all humans seek. But in reality this seemingly unobtainable thing is right here if we know where to look for it, it exists with our contentedness and living in simplicity. The Na'vi live in existential simplicity and harmony with the world around them and are happy, they need not prey on each other or abuse their planet with excess. I think there is a strong connection with their worldview and the that of the Native Americans that our modern society has extinguished. I think this film not only offers a critique but offers a solution. This obvious solution seems to embrace that which is what we have instead of killing ourselves for the momentary joy things will give us. We need not toil all the days of our lives for ipods, houses, big screen tvs, and sports cars, there needs to be a return to simplicity. A return to some tangible values and spirituality that makes us intrinscally whole and content in contrast to the loathsome, inner writhings we feel when we try to content ourselves with "tangible" things that don't really make us happy.
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Dec 28, 2009