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Nobody talks about Perkins any more, but that trade seems like it just happened to me. He manned the paint, gave KG the help. With Bosh getting hot, guess who they could have used to protect the paint. There won't be any more championships until Perkins is replaced, and a strong rebounder is added. It's been all downhill for the C's since that trade, actually since that G6 Finals injury to Perk. And...guess who's about to get his second ring with his new team?
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You guys must be really young. You seem to have a hole in your background when it comes to the pre-Bird Celtics. In 1969, Jack Kent Cooke, then owner of the LA Lakers (Fakers to me), had balloons put in the rafters for Game 7 of the title series at the LA Forum that would come down after the Lakers won the championship. Russell saw the balloons and told his teammates that the balloons were not going to come down. The Celtics won the game, the title, and the balloons never fell. It was Russell's last game. I'll never forget it. I watched it in 1969. I never heard that Russell said anything about the balloons to Jerry West. He said it to his teammates. This happened in the 1968-69 season, not the 69-70 season that's stated in your article. Keyon Dooling needs a history lesson also. It's funny that this is coming up, because I recently mentioned this to one of my colleagues, saying to him that if the Celtics can pull off a title this year, it would definitely be worthy of being compared to that 69 title, one that I will always remember, and one that bolstered my extreme loyalty to Red himself and the Celtics organization to this day and forever more.
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Jun 9, 2012