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Cameron is on the bench ready to go. So is Onyewu. If Onyewu isn't fit (which I don't think he is yet) why does he get a pass? He shouldn't be there if he isn't ready. Hopefully he will be soon. In a 433 where the outside backs are attacking, you need a center mid to push up and attack while the outside mids drop back and in to cover...or a center mid to stay back while everyone pushes up and in. I think with the current roster we could do either, but I like the first option...and yes I think Beckerman would be better at that than Edu. I also think that Bradley is showing that he may be a better option at CAM than at CDM RCM LCM or CM. Complaints: Very concerned about Dolo keeping up in an attacking outside back role...especially in 2 more years. I have no idea how Torres would be at CM LCM RCM because he never got to play in his natural position. I have no idea who is the best CDM because we had three stepping on each other in every match. Consequently no one really ever played that position in a normal sense. I really don't think we have learned much because so many players have been asked to play outside their normal positions. Positives: Gomez has great instincts and aside from an in form Donovan or Dempsey, seems to clearly provide the biggest threat Fabian Johnson looks legit.
I don't really have a problem with that line up too much. But I based my line up on who was actually available to play in the game and the 4-3-3 that JK is clearly leaning toward (and went with). My point is really. 1) Groom new backs. 2.) Anything but jones,edu,bradley as the entire midfield. Which is what we have been seeing other than one appearance by torres as a mid
I agree with every point
I have no idea if it is or not...and neither does anyone else, because we've never seen anything close to it. I don't think it's a better starting defense, but I think it's extremely important to start getting more players experience at fullback. I would be ok with just about any midfield combination over the 3 man with bradley and jones wide. My example calls for 1 different defender and 2 different midfielders. It's not exactly drastic. Also, anyone who bases their opinion EXCLUSIVELY on USMNT performance can't possibly conclude that Edu is a better option than Beckerman as a traditional center mid.
who cares where the assists come from? and I also don't really care about what anyone did in the Scotland match. You think Donovan or Jones has played well aside from that match? No. You honestly think jones is a "creator" because he lucked up on a few assists? His ball skills are dreadful. He's an enforcer. He's the exact opposite of what the midfield needs.
Decent ratio for Altidore. But he's usually the primary target every time he steps on the field. So it's skewed a little.
Scoring avg Bradley: 15% What exactly is so great about him? Altidore: 27% Dempsey: 31% Usually not at pure striker Donovan: 35% Mostly from midfield Gomez: 40% Aging. But our only natural striker. Altidore should continue to be groomed. But there's no way he starts over dempsey, donovan, or gomez. IMHO. He is way short on instinct.We have always lacked someone who finishes the easy ones. He doesn't.
It's hard to say in hindsight...But I am on board with the attack in some order consisting of Gomez, Donovan, and Dempsey. I think it's our best chance at goals. As for the rest I think we could have learned a lot from ---------Bradley------- ---Beckerman-----Corona--- johs--goods--cameron--dolo ---------guzan------------ Beckerman and Bradley could both fall back to defend as needed. I really want to see Edu at a pure CDM without bradley or jones around him. But this game wasn't necessarily the time. Would really be curious to see how Corona's experience in Mexico would have translated. Gomez looked unphased by the play and the crowd, Corona may have as well. I genuinely think that Beckerman gives us all of the benefits of Bradley with a much lower turn over ratio and more accountability on defense. Wish Williams, Feilhaber, Kljestan (deserves another shot), rogers (yes rogers), and quite a few others were options on the bench. the bench is skimpy. Guzan needs to be thrown a bone every once in a while so he doesn't lose interest. He is more than capable.
I agree with most of that. I think gomez, donovan, and dempsey are all better options than altidore at striker. Of all differing opinions about USMNT, the one that I just can't wrap my head around is how anyone likes altidore. He's lazy and his skills are miniscule. He occassionally scores, but he's rarely in the right spot. Gomez is our best option as far as someone who can sniff out a goal and bury the easy ones. That being said I also like Donovan at forward more than at mid. Getting Danny Williams or Lichaj or whoever ready to replace dolo is essential. We need to start thinking about boca's replacement as well.
I missed the part in those games where Messi was at left back and Ronoldo was playing Center Defensive Mid. My point is the results are one thing if you put out a good squad. When you repeatedly just throw something together you open yourself up to criticism.
Clearly Scotland was an outlier for this team. It means nothing. I love the 433. I was relatively ok with the line up yesterday.....aside from the entire midfield. You say putting the veterans in there was the safe bet for an important match. I say we won despite them. Bradley needs to play attacking mid if anything. He has a massive issue with turning the ball over and needs to only be able to do it in the offensive third. Jones is a CDM and that's it. He has some assists but they were no brainers, not creations. I thought for sure he would be red carded in the Guatemala match. Glad he wasn't, but for me is too much of a risk to ever put on the field. Edu needs a chance at a pure cdm role without jones or bradley on top of him, then we can make a determination about him. Donovan has turned into a crap shoot. Unfortunately there is no telling what benching him would have done to his ego. Cherundolo is too old to play an attacking back style. I don't think we can afford to have two backs attacking anyway and Fabian is clearly better at it. Also, dolo sure as hell won't be any faster in 2 years.
Whatever happened to no one is a guaranteed starter? Efforts from Donovan, Jones, Edu, Bradley, and Dolo just haven't been enough. They aren't getting it done. It's been made pretty clear that they are all guaranteed starters no matter how out of position they have to play
You are right. However, for me it's really disappointing. Why? Because we don't put the right team on the field. Playing a 433 with bradley, edu, and jones, really makes it seem like Klinsman just doesn't have a clue. What do you learn from playing Jermaine Jones at outside mid? Nothing. Winning on the road is a challenge and that's why you should either be developing young players with that experience or going with what you know. We didn't do either.
Really? Whose spot isn't secure? Jozy still played. Bradley, Dempsey, Donovan, Howard, Boca, Dolo, Jones, Edu, Torres (when healthy) all seem to have very secure positions. More than half the roster is always a guarantee. We need truly open competition at every position.
Worst decision so far by Klinsman: a.) Torres starting at left back b.) Playing bradley and jones at outside mids in a 3 mid formation c.) Letting Jones take a free kick with a obvious scoring chance d.) consistently depending on the aging boca and dolo combo
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Jun 13, 2012