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Jim's method for finding a happy career path: Step 1: Note the things you choose to do, even when you're not being paid to do them. Step 2: Figure out how to get paid to do one or more of the things you noted in Step 1. Step 3: Enjoy your life. If you can make enough scratch to feed, clothe and house yourself, forget salary level. Forget sunk costs. Forget what other people think regarding the status of your field. Those are extrinsic factors and won't make you happy for the long haul. People who follow this kind of career rarely retire early. In fact they often continue working into their 70's.
Here's what my wife figured out after about 1 year of parenting... Almost any method, consistently applied, beats random emotional reactions when it comes to parenting. Why? Because the kids will figure out the method and adapt to it and when the kids know what to expect, they calm down. After 15 years of parenting, I've figured out that my kids know my method and can manipulate it at will to their own ends. And there's nothing really wrong with this situation. As they approach adulthood, ideally they become increasingly in control of their own situation and we parents lose control. So don't bother arguing the merits of method A vs. method B. Just pick one reasonably decent one and stick with it.
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Jul 20, 2012