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Brian Richter
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Very cool, now I can tell that I heard correctly but interpreted it incorrectly. I listened to the samples in order (on the first listening) so I unwittingly took Limburger as the baseline. I correctly recognized that Brie and Feta were closest to Limburger, with Feta being worse. I also recognized that Cheddar and Gouda were almost identical but different from the other three. The compression did noticeably changed the sound, but I interpreted that as a sort of "punchiness" that was supposed to be there (because it was in Limburger) which the Cheddar and Gouda "failed" to capture, as if a bit of the high frequencies was missing. So my ranking was 1. Limburger 2. Brie (very close 2nd) 3. Feta (more distant 3rd) 4. Cheddar 5. Gouda (near tie but a hair "worse" than Cheddar)
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Jul 15, 2012