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Aurelius Benn to the Dolphins from Tampa for a #2 Pick.
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Harry, that comment was hilarious, but you do not have to read articles if you do not want. I find it funny that I rip Ireland on posts all the time with a clean opinion, but they get censored even. One thing that you did not point out about Armando is that he is a master of the obvious. Of course it is always on the players, the coaches are not playing the game. I would actually say that the coaches account for about 1%, if that. Does not mean he(Armando) is not smart or a good writer, just means, he needs to be more creative and write about topics that are actually more intriguing and interesting according to what is going on with the dolphins.
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Since we have two weeks for Houston I'll say this: 1) I just want to see the PEE-WEE Dance from Odrick. I am not joking, I really, really want to see him get a lot of sacks and do the dance 12 times at least. 2) Bring Jay Fielder, Gadson, Rickey, and Chambers out of retirement. Sign back Ronnie Brown. 3) The best and only good thing Ireland did was draft Tanehill, but if he hadn't Weeden would have got him fired. 4) Wallace can fit under the Cap next year. No way Pittsburgh is able to afford Brown and him. He is done in Pittsburgh after this year. Plus, the poaching Steelers(no pun intended) fans always raid opposing teams stadiums anyway- isn't there some kind of rule that their fans can not buy out the visitor seats during the season? 5) 227 pounds 27 times, 4.4- and even with Hard Knocks at the door, the coaches still can not get C. Hogan on the field. R. Mathews catches a dozen in week two and he gets benched until the rain storm, ya our coaches are less than 10%, more like 1% intelligent. 6) We trade our best CB- for ammunition for who? 1 fast WR is not going to make us a contender, unless it is Jerry Rice or Mark Clayton. 7) Will we ever be able to address our lack of TEs and inability to cover the opposing TE's in this league? You would think after 3 years we would draft some specialists to do that. Dallas Clark was there before we went to TB, we didn't even look at him- Ireland??? 8) As long as Ross is in, we won't win. Not a jab at him- just can't run a team. 9) Who knows if Saban had still been around if we would have had Patrick Willis and a bunch of studs on our defense what we could have did. 10) I have officially thrown in the towel. Even if we get a trade for a quality WR, we need too many pieces. Rebuild and accept the fact after Houston beats us 44-7 we are in no man's land. I feel bad Tanehill has to start in such a deplorable organization. 9) 8)
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Aug 28, 2012