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"Have you read all of these?" The best answer I've ever heard to this question is "of course not, what use would they be to me if I've read them all" And it's true, I've got lots of books that have not been read cover to cover, yet I often get interested in a topic or issue that I know is addressed in one of my books and I reach for it. How nice is it to approach your own bookshelf to find something of interest that you haven't already read?
Sigh…I am fortunate enough to own a decent amount of very good equipment, sometimes I’m even a little embarrassed at the way I’ve spoiled myself. I like fine photographic equipment the way some people like fine cars, or high end audio equipment perhaps. We have gone from the analog era where, generally, the ultimate test of quality resulted in a print and if you couldn’t see the difference in the print, there was no difference. Today, on the screen, we can see differences between 2 cameras or lenses that are indeed very real and noticeable, differences that evaporate or become much smaller when put to paper. For many of us, myself included, much of our photography would be of comparable technical quality using very modestly priced equipment. Back in the day, my prints never exceeded 11x14 because I felt that was the limit of enlargement that they could reasonably endure while keeping me happy with sharpness. Moreover, printing larger than 11x14 in the home darkroom became very expensive, and maybe even more cumbersome. Firing up the darkroom to print 16x20 involved lots of chemicals, larger capacity equipment, not something done for one or two prints. Oh, and color, fuhgeddabout it, printing color in the home darkroom was difficult, expensive and large sizes prohibitively expensive. Today I can churn out 16x20’s (actually 17x22’s…), either color or black and white at a fraction of the cost (of maintaining a darkroom) and I can do single print runs. The capability to print big which does seem to be the rage in the art world, is partly due to the ease of which it can be done and the need to supply a larger item for collectors to display . A 44” inch printer is a behemoth that costs about as much as one would have had to pay for a small c-print processor in days gone by and of course the permanence of today’s inkjet prints is infinitely superior to c-prints. Nonetheless, my observation is that most committed amateur photographers still tend to print limited size prints, e.g. 11x14 or smaller. That includes me. The truth is that my m4/3 camera can handle that size print with ease, I don’t really need a full frame camera and all the expense, but I use it because I like it. Maybe I dream of the day when I’ll have a reason to print big, you know, when my savant genius with a camera is finally appreciated…ha! Circling back to where I began, do I really need the expensive stuff to get the edge of quality I desire, no, I really don’t, you won’t notice it in my print. But I like working with nice equipment and the act of photographing with the nice equipment and knowing I’ve made little compromise is intrinsic to my enjoyment and after all, I’m doing this for me—mostly.
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Dec 30, 2009