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Cuckoo's Egg is one of my favourite books, although I'm not sure I'd describe that hacker as 'incredibly talented', just very persistent. I think you're missing a big chunk of the picture of the early days by focusing on just the two books mentioned however. I'd recommend this book as a worthy third in the list: -- I have a print copy, but the full text can be downloaded from that website. The book includes the stories of several hackers from Europe, the US and Australia, although it doesn't provide their real names (several can be found on Wikipedia now though). An Australian TV documentary was made about two of the hackers whose stories are included in that book a few years ago. A third Australian mentioned has become relatively well known in recent years. In fact his part of the book has been made into a film that premiered just a few days ago at the Toronto International Film Festival:
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Sep 12, 2012