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This guy is a terrorist and he should be taken out
Mona absolutely deserves to be banned from the UK. She is a complete savage.
Kanye is a racist foolish idiot.
Toggle Commented Nov 30, 2013 on KKKanye at Atlas Shrugs
This article could've been published on another day, and another page. It is offensive that it made the front page during Hanukkah. As far as I know, I've never seen any major negative stories about various races or other religions on the NYT front page- or phony "religions" like islam. Singling out Jews is wrong. That said, it is a sad state of affairs for women prone to cancer. It's a sick world we live in right now.
Toggle Commented Nov 29, 2013 on The Cancerous New York Times at Atlas Shrugs
It's been a tough week. I hope for good news for freedom lovers. More of it and soon! Down with Iran's nuclear program! Awful woman, saudi bf. She's against everything Atlas Shrugs stands for! She is a pc hard left smear machine. acceptingamerican tumblr. The link may not be working so I'm writing it like this.
Toggle Commented Nov 9, 2013 on Doing it right on a open thread at Atlas Shrugs
I know of a "multicultural studies" pinko-femino-pc type. I don't think she is a fun hippie since she recently issued her own personal fatwa against certain "halloween costumes". Funny how those liberals bark on and on about "diversity" but on the other hand they want to bash you for being a "racist" for dressing in "diverse" cultural costumes. Yeah its nonsense. her tumblr is Orwellian just ignore it. Plenty of party people and freedom fighters who anonymously give her a piece of their mind. :) according to the tumblr she is with a saudi. she must like it extra savage and extra rough. eww.
Yeah. It is good you have a blog, not so much where you have to log into google to access it -_-
Duck Dynasty doesn't need muslim viewers. I don't watch or care about the show, but nobody who is outside of the muslim world should capitulate to their stupid desires. Say In Jesus Name all the time! Eat bacon! screw muzzies liberal "Rev. Wright" type of 'christian' who is with a saudi and engages in multicult and pc propaganda. She only speaks in da'wa and taquiyya when speaking about anyone who disagrees with her hardline pro-muslim views. Definitely under the catagory of left wing wacko taken in by "nice muslim man". In general she calls everyone who disagrees with her a "hater" and/or a "racist". Definitely applicable to the "marrying a muslim" thread posted recently.
Toggle Commented Nov 4, 2013 on Lou's Open Thread at Atlas Shrugs A crazy hard liberal multicultural wacko who is with a saudi.
This is probably "the" most overlooked issue ever- non muslims dating and eventually marrying muslims. It is more common than you think. Focus more on the issue and write about it! Thanks!!!
Yes! Great news. We need more awesomeness like this! Down with iranian regimes crappy programs
South Africa is awful and it's a center of anti-white hatred. Sickening.
That might work for US citizens in places like Florida, but it doesn't seem like that would work for you South African people. The black gov. would use incident(s) real or fake, present or past, to "crack down" on anyone who is not black and the world will do nothing. Sadly. Better to get out while you can.
Excellent! Go Israel! Do more in Syria
It is shameful and humiliating that Israel of all countries would capitulate. If anyone should be censored in Israel, it should be extremist, violent Muslims and no one else.
Pamela Geller is the best! I never heard of the other site until now. Apparently they are called Weasel Zippers. Hmm that doesn't sound very appealing. I voted for Geller!
Toggle Commented Oct 4, 2013 on Face-off! at Atlas Shrugs
Banfield is wrong. The Pres and Dems have to compromise. The Republicans have a majority in the House and they already compromised. Not complicated to me. Nobody is obligated to give obama/dems their way all the time! It's about time there was a real clash like a gov. shutdown!
Toggle Commented Oct 2, 2013 on A Tool's Tirade at Atlas Shrugs
What a brilliant speech! I didn't watch it but I read it and caught a glimpse on the news. Obummer is shameful, weak, and the complete opposite of the real man Netanyahu!
Some stupid savage gets the Martin Anals award. Big deal. Shame on all.
I'm surprised I didn't see another incident about Walmart sooner. Enough is enough. Boycott Walmart! Go to Target! Go to other stores. If you are "working" for Walmart quit and/or get another job. I shopped there once for a cheap item I sort of needed. Now I feel bad about buying it. The checkout lines were long and the whole experience was crazy.
can we kill that guy? without the beard he is too similar to every frou frou california asshole w sunglasses. Moronic jackass terrorist. Syria is really bad bomb all the muslims or do NOTHING!
Eat up muslims! Feces served on authentic, halal parchment, terrorist arab squiggle writing Qurans! Open book crap platter! Nidal Hasan can have a death sentence of death thru injection of excrement.