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I see many people today looking at this in a very 'black and white' perspective - thundering headlines about the PC/Desktop being dead. The traditional PC won't be going away for a few years yet. Anyone who works any kind of data entry job such as programming, finance, statistics of any type...the people that do the boots on the ground entry and work for it...they won't be using a pad or mobile device of any type very soon to be doing their work. If they do, it will probably have a monitor, keyboard, and mouse attached to it, which would make it...yes, you guessed it, a desktop like computing machine :) I am sitting in an office next to a rack room that has a couple hundred computers in it. Not tablets. Not mobile phones. Servers in rackmount cases, many of which are KVM'd to other parts of this building running specialized software. The software won't be created anytime soon for the mobile platforms, and those platforms don't have the reliability and power yet anyway. My accounting department down the hall won't be giving up their workstations anytime soon, at most sometime in the future they might be migrated to a cloud situation. There is a lot more going on under the hood of our pretty little internet, WWW, and 'connected world' than a lot of people realize. The desktop computer will mutate and change eventually, once something appropriate to replace it has come along. People say keyboards are deadl. Again, I say ask anyone doing data entry. A good typist will blow the doors off anyone using voice recognition, and even with really good voice recog. software, privacy and confidentiality are an issue. To the average user out there at the shallow end of the pool who uses an application or two, gets their email, and starts their vehicle from their mobile device, things may seem like a grand revolution. For those of us who have an idea of what is behind the scenes, we know it takes a little longer for things to really change. The real power is in the back room. It just isn't visible to everyone.
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Nov 5, 2012