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It all begins at the top so Ross should fire himself. Think if he got a half decent offer he would cut his losses and sell. He still looks clueless as an owner and should realise some people just are not cut out to be an owner. Stick to what you know Ross. Remember we could easily have lost to Pitt and NE. This regime will not work but is he capable of finding one that will? We will look at everything rubbish comment. Your in the locker room paying their wages and more. My words would be guys you did not perform, I will announce your leaving in the morning and be grateful you got 12 hours.
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I don't why some people keep saying trade down because honestly I just can't see anyone worth trading up for from teams below us. Neither do I see anyone worth trading up for from No. 12. Its just one of those years. As for Austin please don't fall for the fastest guy in the draft trap. Will he still be playing in 3 yrs? Nope. Just bite the billet and take what's there. Like it or lump it it's OL and move on. But does 1 bad game in 3 yrs make a certain player overrated?
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Mar 21, 2013