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I left the MS ecosystem after working successfully as a .NET developer from 2000-2010. My reasons for leaving? 1) All the cool huge, highly-scalable applications seemed to be based on free operating systems. Windows licensing did/does not jive with running an app on 100s of cores (though maybe Azure changes this?). 2) Open source projects seem to be geared towards non-Windows. C# isn't even in github's top ten languages. 3) Most of the big, innovative tech companies in my area (Silicon Valley) seem to be running on non-Windows stacks. Ditto for startups. Stackoverflow is, of course, the notable exception. Instead of Ruby, I chose Java, with bits of Python and C++. As a language, C# is better than Java, but Java's tools, libraries (Guava is awesome), and community seal the deal for me.
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Mar 22, 2013