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hey sagneul i will take that bet and the difference between the Pats and the Dolphins is stablity in the front office and the fans not whinning before the season even starts
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Wow, some of you people need to get a clue. First off, ireland didn't cut Armstrong; Parcell did! Philbin has a system where you need receiver thats can stretch the field and can CATCH!!!!!! getting him for pretty much a 6 or 7 round draft pick is a steal that all they would have gotten for Slaton if they wanted picks. Last time i checked we needed receviers not running backs. I can't remember any GM who had hit on all there draft picks but if you go and at who Ireland as drafted since he fully took over you really can't complain. They haven't played a regular season game yet and you all are already bashing, wow no wonder why we are considered to be the worst fans in football. Please stop embarrassing yourself and me. GO Dolphins!!!
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Aug 31, 2012