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Could someone please obliterate that tacky gold dome now, They can blame it on a rocket if they want.
It seemed I have an evil twin on this board but there is a period after my D. I'm still going to change it more.
Toggle Commented Nov 13, 2012 on Toxic But Right at Atlas Shrugs
I looked up Identitire,I've heard Europe is dealing with more trouble than the US.I'm hoping that too doesn't get out of hand. 20 US states now petitioning for secession!My 3rd grade teacher told us that Democracy means we use ballots instead of bullets.It's a dreadfully dangerous thing to corrupt the electoral process.We have spent our national treasure to bring democracy to Iraq and turn our back on Israel and our own.
What is scary to me is that what Pam is saying isn't obvious to everyone.Priority deficient doesn't begin to explain the consequences.
Toggle Commented Nov 12, 2012 on Toxic But Right at Atlas Shrugs
Yes to worry, as Christian in the US learning that a majority of the Jewish vote went to B.Hussein Oblamer.Not to get into the Rabbi's biz too deep or start some theological debate. I was 48yrs old when a friend let me read His copy of History Of The Jews.It covered parts of world history that I never heard before and feel I and anyone else with a public education should be taught about.It included some of mohamed's story as well.It is a History book not a Theology book and very well done.Personally the only part of islam that is functional is where they plagiarized the Scriptures.The most part is made up to suit mohameds personal opinion,especially 9 yr. old wives.That's a stable life of marriage?The professor who wrote the History of the Jews book pointed out that not all Jews are religious.News Flash for the Rabbi,Not all Americans are Christians and not all Christians focus on the same doctrine.The western licentiousness is not part of any Bible based doctrine and the monasticism is not allowed to be forced on anyone.Judge a tree by it's fruit.The quran is producing the insults to humanity.Self Justification is the enemy and the quran nurtures it. How can a human justify doing this to children,even his own?The quran says he can,it's societies fault that he injured himself,Right? Does Insanity need a better introduction?
Why is it every time Israel is forced to defend themselves the media makes islam the victim? I cannot reconcile the events with their behavior.
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Nov 11, 2012