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Tony N
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This is another one of your non football related posts that offers some unique insight, Armando. And it happens to be someone high up in the Dolphin Organization. I like that you are not afraid to discuss the more human aspects of the people that make up this franchise. I have a son that is Autistic so it hits home for me to read something pertaining to that challenge. I rank this right up there with the emotional eulogy you posted regarding your mother's passing away a few years back, Armando. I read your articles all the time but don't have the time I use to have to respond, anymore. But I had to say something about piece. Thanks for sharing this Armando. Perhaps exposing this aspect of Ireland the man, husband and father, will make him seem less aloof and indifferent to us fans. He is a human being with daily struggles like the rest of us. And what you eloquently said here, speaks well of his character and makeup. Now let's hope he can get it right this off season and bring in the right play makers to make Miami competitive in the years to come.
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Feb 3, 2013