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We need a Head Talent Evaluator, if one doesn't already exist. Then we need a Strong GM that oversees Philbin, Aponte and the Head Talent Evaluator, but accepts input from them. Then since Ross knows nothing about football operations, maybe he needs to hire a Weak Czar; really a consultant who Ross consults with to get a clue about owning a football team. The Weak Czar would make sure Ross knows how to keep the GM in line and that the GM listens to Philbin, Aponte and the Head Talent Evaluator.
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I don't get it. Where I am from, the State has no involvement. It is the City and the voters living in this city. Why in the world would people in another part of a state really want to pay for a new stadium for a team that is not in their city?
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Mar 23, 2013