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Bottom line He stinks. like I said in another post race, experience etc- does not matter I'm 100% Italian and I think he ( D'onofrio ) stunk the place up last year. Carol city or Miami Edison would not have given up 35 second hald points to DUKE, Duke- 35 points in the last half.
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it's not race, it is stupidity. That DC has to go- His boyz gave up 35 second half points to DUKE last year. My God what lousy defense they had Carol City high couold have done better. Look at Ga tech last year- they stunk the place up until they fired Grogh their DC- then they started to win a few games. Offense scores points, defense wins games. we ain't going nowhere till we get a defensive co-ordinator no matter what color he is stpetecane
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Feb 25, 2013