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Scott's fingerprints are all over this. Come on, Governor. Come on, Senators. Man up and take ownership. You pulled it off. You snuggled up to the FEA and flipped off the conservatives and the reformers. Of course, for the Governor, the Andy love will last through the next session, and then the FEA and all its millions will roast you like a turkey. And all the people who got burned on this might even enjoy the spectacle.
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I echo Keith: Whaaattt??? Abate? Seriously?
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Hey Zzzzoney, you left out Obama's concentration camps secretly built out in nuclear test ranges where he's going to put all the gun owners. Put on that aluminum foil cap, big boy. You're slipping.
Toggle Commented Apr 30, 2013 on Senate kills parent trigger bill at Naked Politics
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Apr 30, 2013