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Apps 55753818692 1137396002 613f5b0ad2d8763f1cb6bf00df22e085
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Three Amigos and Pee Wee - I am into way too many things that you are into. It scares me a little. Then I recover and realize it's why I love reading your blog so much. You're like me, only male, and famous, and successful and better at expressing yourself (don't get me wrong, I'm pretty great myself, just in stealth mode compared to your public achievements!). Keep on winning....!
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So glad to see so much Highlights love! I too loved it as a kid and will still pick them up if I see them at a medical office today. Now... does anyone remember OMNI magazine?? I was so sad when that magazine died.
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Not for a 3rd grader! I'd like to read that story! (was there a Pegasus Kitten involved as well, because that sure would be weird!!)
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I'd pay good money to see that, and more than once!
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Depends! Even though I am a 21st century woman, I still like doors being opened, etc for me, and in the same way I like being driven by hubby. When together I only drive if he feels sick or tired (or had one too many!). Most couples we socialize with are the same (mid-40's if you're curious!)
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Feb 10, 2011