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I imagine those of old enough to remember the early micros and the first PCs, love the mechanical switches of the old IBMs. Younger programmers not so much (espec. the guy who said it caused pain - you're just not used to it or you're working too hard). The best keyboard Ive ever used is on the old BBC Micros from Acorn in the UK - custom made, they used individual mechanical switches but somehow were much quieter than the IBM PC keyboards giving them a really nice feel. Stateside, I found great keyboards made by NMB (I ended up buying several and still have a brand-new one boxed in storage for when the first one dies :-) It might sound weird to some, but those old mechanical keyboards could be washed (something I would do once per year) leaving them as fresh and light as the first day you used it - can't do that anymore with modern keyboards. Dont you hate it when newer technology removes functionality?
Toggle Commented Aug 28, 2013 on The CODE Keyboard at Coding Horror
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Aug 28, 2013