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@ Andrew Martin Satisfactory battery life misses as it is very variable. If you have a 10lb 17" machine, probably you look at it as a small desktop rather than a large laptop, and a few minutes of battery "just in case" you need to move to another desk or UPS fails is more than enough. But as soon as you have to compete with really ultramobile devices like smartphones and tablets, it changes everything: it is all about how long is your daily work. Of course you have access to power sources to recharge your machine during lunch, so 4 h of true mobility not bound to a desk or a power source may be enough. But your ARM competitors does far better, so better aim to a full work day as your competitors. That mean 8 work hour, plus 1 lunch hour you may need other features of your device (phone, GPS, ...) plus maybe 2h commuting and quietly reading e-news or watching cat videos. And maybe you expect to come home with your BYOD with enough power to let children play with Angry Birds, or maybe to use it to read something during commercials. 12-15h on 24h day is what is really needed for true ultramobility and what can be done since day one with Android and iOS devices, that's the "size" of a day and no matter how much Wintel will spend in ads hype to say you the contrary. That's the reason of success of tablets and smartphones, it fits a need Wintel is simply nowhere need to fit after 5 years of hyping about each generation being more power savvy than before.
@ BoltBait I'm usually skeptical about updates targeted to "fix" results in a single, specific benchmark. Most of times it boils down to tricks to optimize performance the very narrow set of cases represented by the benchmark itself, which is a game changer just for the benchmark that needs to be "fixed" but has very low real value in real life cases of use.
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Nov 23, 2013