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This is sad. Mining and doing all the things we do for OIL to make toxic batteries. Is this really better than gasoline? Or just a way to make us feel better. I vote for hydrogen production which seems to have several advances. Wonder when they will hit the market if ever? Wonder why they don't hit the market.
" Very low fuel price (in USA) may be to blame. " Blame? Why not blame insanely expensive cost of Hybrid/EV's? They don't compete on refueling/distance they don't compete on cost of ownership. Remind me what is the purpose of an EV is, environmental? Do they include the cost of power creation and battery disposal along with making the chemistry? I started following EV's over 10 years ago and could not wait for the day of their arrival, now that they have arrived as rich peoples toys or guilt relief, I really feel cheated. Less parts was supposed to lead to cheaper and more economical cars. Yeah.. That didn't even come close to happening. Then I was told to wait until batteries achieve volume production. That didn't happen either. In short this is just not working out unless you have money RICH and want to make it LOOK like you care and be COOL
@ Crescent Dunes 24-Hour Solar Tower Is Online What went wrong with the one in California? Ivanpah Solar I think. That one is not working out at all. It requires constant use of natural gas to keep the salt hot.
Why can't we have the government pour money into P22-hyd. This is only possible but also sustainable. Unless what I have read is not true, it seems like P22-hyd is the answer everyone has been looking for.
When P22-Hyd works out most of these issues will be moot.
I got to laugh. This sound like a fantastic thing but in Chicago today it was sub zero again and there are hybrids that wont even RUN when the temp gets this cold. You buy a 40K car and it doesn't run because its too cold? If they could bring this to market in less than 2 years they may have a chance but looking at the price of gas today, 1.66 a gallon in Chicago the window to make this happen narrows substantially. NO ONE wants to drive a SMALL under powered car. People will buy only buy one if they have to. Thats whats WRONG with all of this tech. Its not based on actual desire of people to drive a small under powered car that doesn't behave when its cold out. Its why I think hydrogen might make it vs BEV cars. PEOPLE don't want to pollute but when push comes to shove they do when it hinders their forward progress. I don't love oil and hoped that the EV revolution would greatly REDUCE the cost of cars but years after the cars have been introduced, and MANY cars have been created, the cost has NOT come down far enough. So you are asking people to buy cars that COST MORE and give you less. Its counter intuitive.
So in 3 years? 5 Years? 10 years? Probably never see the light of day? I am still waiting for batteries that work in winter like they do in summer.
Help me out here. Isnt converting the energy to electric then using the electric a loosing proposition? Take motor output place some into batteries use the rest to make the car go. Then at special times release the energy you burned gas and stored in the batteries. How is this efficient?
Which Tesla can do this? a range of more than 300 miles ? I bet it even does this in the cold. The fuel cells are dropping in price as they constantly find better substitution for platinum. I think hydrogen is coming along quite quickly and BEV people feel a need to defend BEV as the only answer. Why? Cause they like Lithium Ion batteries? Clean running cars that run distances at acceptable levels and last at least 20 years. Its how long I owned my previous Honda Accord. In fact it was 22 years. That should be the target and any way we can get there should be applauded.
Patrick Free After the consumer report on Tesla I would not be in a hurry to buy that problem car. It seems they are really prone to need constant repair.
With the exception of TESLA and BMW, I am not familiar of any manufacturer with a honest intent on BEVs. >>> I am still trying to make sens of the VOLT by GM. cost is HIGH car quality is like a Chevy Cobalt and the effective range on the highway is awful. Maybe you are right, maybe others are not serious..
Why can't someone work with Elio and make an electric version. The aerodynamics, size and weight make it a very attractive platform to electrify. So if you add 7000 to electrify the vehicle to the current price and get 200 miles per charge you would have a VERY attractive affordable electric. WAY under 20K and with tax incentives around $7000.. Please tell me SOMEONE is going to do this? Rip the gas engine out reinforce the suspension and put in batteries etc. CMON folks I need update a car next year..
How do hospitals put oxygen into rooms? Oxygen on demand woth a side effect of generating hydrogen that could reduce power requirements might be interesting.
I can see Hydrogen coming back and easily passing batteries. Sunlight from desserts can become hydrogen fuel producers. You do not need to tie the output to the electric grid just to a storage tank. This reduces the complexity by quite a bit. Short range trucks or rail can bring the hydrogen around as it does gasoline and many other fuels/chemicals. Hi pressure tanks exist. Wind or wave power can also be captured and utilized. Also you always loose when creating power for storage. How much coal is burned to fuel that Volt or Prius? In urban environments at night, generation of hydrogen to power your car, or generate more to power your home during the day when power is more expensive? What if you can capture solar without batteries and all the complexity, instead you fire up your hydrogen fuel cell or generator using your own gas. How would that lower the cost of solar ownership? Placing the storage tank under ground or near by in a shed would reduce the initial fear of using a storage tank. And in the end I hope you can recapture the water to be reused. No special chemicals just a tank and a way to compress it. If I remember correctly burned chicken feathers make a great capture material for hydrogen.
I think the all the hydrogen nay sayers are misiing the point. Hydrogen is a way to save and transport power. It can be far lighter than batteries and infrastructure to do so far easier to create. With a low cost electrlyzer would you need the high cost of batteries to have power at night? Batteries break down, even the best in 10 years time then what? I can easily see excess wind or solar making hydrogen and using hydrogen as power.
I am not a believer any more. The current crop of tech is costing more than gas and the ICE engine car of the same quality. And while the Volt is interesting its highway miles are nothing to get excited about. How will these batteries do in the Chicago winter being parked outside when its 10 or 20 below in real temperature, what will be the range then? 5 ICE cars they all start in all kinds of weather and work the same. As far as ICE not really changing are you serious? The blocks from cast iron to Aluminum or some hydrid there of. The variable valve timing turbo and super charging, 3,4,6, and 8 cylinders or 4 on and 4 off. So many things have changed in ICE motors. And where is the reduction in costs that I used to hear about 10 years ago. As soon as x cars are sold they will be MUCH cheaper. I think we reached that number some time ago. Color me skeptical that they will ever get the cost curve down and the mileage up to acceptable level to be used like a car. Until then I will say what I said for the last 15 years, maybe next year.
Smartest thing they can do to increase power in lower horse power cars is to reduce weight. It will make small motor cars faster and increase gas mileage. My only question is if they build a car based on this metal how much weight lighter will a car be? I think it would help them if they could identify parts of a car, using this metal and the total weight reduction. If they have the money grab a Focus from ford and build a car to show the weight reduction.
Dave, until they fix the problems with below zero cold and make this stuff cheap enough its not going to happen. I would say there is more than a decade of patience before people jump in to get an electric or even hydrogen anything. I am VERY interested in a BOLT for my daily commute but not even sure it will live up to my expectations when the Chicago Hawk comes visiting and the wind chill is 20 to 80 below. I was looking at the tiny Nisan LEAF but with such a limited range that gets real bad when its cold I dropped that idea. I thought for sure Lit Motors C-1 would make it but its WAY WAY overdue and the price.. MAN 24k? I can get a cheap car for 1/2 that and use the other 1/2 to buy gas for the life of the car. Elio motors has an interesting ride (gas engine) but I am not sure its safe enough on a major highway in this town. So What is there really as far as affordable that can go 80 to 100 miles a DAY winter spring summer or fall? So far, and I have been looking NOTHING reasonable.
So did we create another nuclear threat to reduce the price of gas?
My son pointed this out to me. Why not lighten the body by using the new Aluminum steel mixes which would reduce the brakes required, the springs, the shocks required, the amount of horse power for it to feel faster, etc. Its odd they continue to squeeze the motor which is fine but by simply altering the frame/body material they could get a lot more from their efforts.
A way to turn sunlight or wind into energy that can be used even when the sun goes down or the wind stops blowing. Another clean energy source to live off the grid! When can it be commercialized Oh yeah 5 years right? How expensive is it? Probably out of this world expensive. Let me know when can do something like run my car with this.
Democrat Republican both cats with slightly different stripes. Batteries are great but so far have not lead to the price savings and cost reductions from reducing system complexity they were promised to do. Useful EV's are still rich mens toys. It seems a lot of this tech should still be in the lab since a simple diesel motor gets better mileage than a hybrid car and deliver a cheaper car to market. You can also drive them across the country. A decade of billions in throw away cash and the electric has not lived up to anyone's expectations. Current micro electric car about 25K and goes OK if it doesn't get too cold.
WOW is this old school. We had electric buses in Chicago in the 50's? or was it 60's. A lot of maintenance due to weather. Guess people can't figure out why we don't have those buses anymore.
I would never expect GM to make anything that make sense. While everyone was so HAPPY we gave GM billions because they thought they were too big to fail, I was hoping for them to collapse and many new companies with a CLUE could rise from the ashes and we would all be enjoying much better cheaper cars today. Look at the Volt, the 35 MPG is sad and the actual electric batteries don't carry you far enough. And yet they want 33K for a compact with cheap interior. Not sure this electric thing will ever take off if GM continues.
Wondering if Aluminum Ion will be better cheaper and have equal density? That tech is not out either. How many years before this might be real?