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Wisdomlover... "Knowing what it is like to sin is not the same as sinning. God knows what it is like to sin. But god is not a sinner." Zactly! As to what you have agreed to before... "God's knowing makes things what they are." God made sin sin? I don't think that God's "knowing" has anything to do with the way things are, especially sin. It is better to say it is Who God is that makes things what they are. To some extent, it does depend on His knowledge, but in the deepest sense, it is because of Who He is.
I can't help but think that there is a flaw in the logic presented, and here is why: The author states in premise 3 that "A being's omniscience entails, among other things, that it has all experiential knowledge." He alleges this to be "necessary truth." It seems he has taken into account no other things that we know about God, first that He is holy. So if God is holy, then He does not know what it is like to sin. As this evidences that He lacks this "experiential" truth. It destroys his premise three, that "experiential knowledge" is necessary to omniscience and anything conclusive is incorrect.
I agree with the lead in video using carnality to attract the heathen masses. But I sat and listened to the entire "extended" teaching yesterday. There are some great things in his "teaching" especially about marriage, however... The initial premise and scripture basis are terrible. In fact, just saying scripture says... and then reading directly from the Message is just wrong. The message is a paraphrase, and as such, is really someone else's sermon. If you one thinks preaching form the Message is exegesis, guess again!
Eat, drink and be merry!
I would love to see Ireland!
I do notice one thing, and it bothers me. Why are all picture 40 something or even far younger... When I think leadership, I think wisdom... not youth... Oops, what was I thinking! My bad!
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Jan 9, 2010