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Tums are a perfect gift for ANY sales worker. They're a necessity of life. Heartburn relief, plus those of us who can't digest milk rely on Tums for calcium!
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He just swallowed one bite and felt one of the wire bristles in his throat. The damage was already done and the article does not suggest that he ate any more of the pizza.
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I work at a car dealership (not that particular one). My part of the job is to get people to come to the dealership. The sales floor people take it from there. ALL sales jobs have goals for each step of the sales process. If you want to keep your job in sales you must follow whatever procedures are in place at your store, not cause any drama, AND get those sales! The stress in a sales job is tremendous and a little humor helps relieve the tension!
Toggle Commented Aug 21, 2014 on BMW Performance Review at Retail Hell Underground
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Hardening our electrical grid against solar or man-caused EMP damage should be priority #1. See:
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Oops...I tried to post a link to an didn't show up.
We even had a petition to deport Piers back to the UK. But then we kept seeing letters from Brits saying that they don't want him back! Larry Correia has refuted all of the gun controllers' arguments, once and for all.
Rampant Islamization is just one of the many reasons why I left Chicago, a long time ago. Never regretted leaving. Given this dude's facial expression, I wonder if bath salts might also play some part in this.
It wouldn't surprise me if at least some of the children are also being sodomized.
The crime: Sneezing directly on the cashier (who is officially a part-time employee, who has very little insurance coverage, and who doesn't get sick days). The punishment: Paying for one year of health insurance for the cashier!
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Here's why I have a problem with Marco Rubio. Out of what appears to be sheer ignorance, he has completely dissed Florida's large Serbian-American community.
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Good for you! Wish I coulda been there! Today is still No Pants Caturday - stop by and visit - we've got Pallas' Kittens and a Sand Kitten, plus trailers for Puss-in-Boots!
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John McCain is not only a Russophobe but also a Serb-hater. I'd say he has it in for Slavs and Orthodox Christians - mostly because he's been in the pay of anti-Serb lobbyists from way back when. As if that were not enough, McCain also has a well-deserved reputation for being evil-tempered to the point of mental instability. Not the type of person whose finger you want on the nuke button. It was a real disaster for America when the 2008 election came down to Obama versus McCain.
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The Ground Zero Mosque or ANY mosque has the potential, and in fact the likelihood, of becoming a focus of jihadism and a source of subversive propaganda (taqiyya). That is simply because jihadism (and no, I do not mean "internal struggle") and taqiyya are central and indispensible tenets of Islam. If the 9-11 mosque in the US were to be built, it too would become a pilgrimage and recruitment center for jihadis. This is a matter, not only of respect for the dead, but also of national security. While the tranzi-progressive/pro-jihadi NYC bureaucrats, politicians, and media pundits are doing everything they can to smooth the way for this mosque (and being very self-righteous about their reasons for this), they are creating every possible obstacle to the rebuilding of St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, which was destroyed in the 9-11 attack when the South Tower fell on it. Please see: The parish still has an active congregation but no building; they have been meeting to worship in Brooklyn. Now, many of us Orthodox Christians, working pretty much independently by word of mouth among friends and parishoners, have finally succeeded in getting some news media attention to this matter. I'd like to ask all Americans supporting St. Nicholas Church to call, write, or better yet, GO AND VISIT the offices of their US Representative and US Senators. You will probably just get to talk to a staffer, but the staffer will pass this information along. It makes a BIG difference if you take the trouble to write a personal letter or show up in person. Everyone, please, pass the information along to everybody else you know who might be interested. Put it on Facebook, repost it on your own blog, email it to your friends and relatives, whatever else you can think of. Let's keep this issue before the public eye! Thanks!
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