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Thanks for sharing. Although, I wish people wouldn't use phrases like "The #1 Disease You’ve Never Heard Of." Ever heard of the Carney Complex? What about Cushing's Disease? It took me 32 years to get diagnosed with a fatal disease that has destroyed my body and subjected me to years of ridicule, pain, frustration and debilitation. There are literally hundreds of invisible illnesses out there, and they're all shitty to have.
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Merit badges are about the boys learning a skill -- something that will have a mastery over. If we want a boy to be prepared "for any old thing" we have to ensure they are learning the skills to do it. So, I guess a boy can learn first aid in an afternoon, too? And you'd be willing to have him as your buddy on a 50 miler??
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It seems the left hand doesn't know what the right is doing right now. I understand there are separate task forces and entities working on these projects, but there's no excuse for incomplete release of information. I know there are lots of growing pains right now with the restructuring, but communication is the first stage of success, guys.
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But, it should be "Whil" in the spelling in the photo ^^
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Jan 22, 2010