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Multiple errors of fact and law by the judge. Obama is indeed nota natural born Citizen, by his own admission, as his father was a foreigner. Obamna should know taht, as he cosponsored Sneate Resolution 511 in 2008, which held that John McCain was a natural born citizen, since BOTH PARENTS WERE AMERICAN CITIZENS. Ahhh, the irony. In addition, Obama can't even legally prove he was born here, as the "birth certificate" digital image on the White House web site is a proven forgery, per Maricopa County AZ Sheriff Dept and about 90 document experts,-- LOL! The Democrats put a Marxist usurper in the White House and are now trying to cover it up.
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The coward Marshall at Amerimar has shut down his mailbox
Notorious NWO, Bilderberger, college dunce, philanderer, weak on illagal immigration, phony holy roller, saboteur of TSA anti-groping bill, supporter of eminent domain, TTT, NAU, NAFTA. This guy is really bad news.
Wasserman is a typical extreme left wing partisan hack. This is their spokesperson? West is aware that we are spending trillions we don't even have, for an unrealistic, unsustainable, progressive pipe dream. Wasserman is too ignorant to understand the damage that this is doing to to our nation. We are borrowing 45 cents for every dollar spent now and she wants to increase spending. As far as doing this on the backs of the poor, wealthy people already contribute 90% of all tax money. Even if you took ALL of their income, it wouldn't be enough and that would also starve the nation of capital, not to mention driving many wealthy entrepreuneurs capital out of the country. About half of residents pay no income tax at all. We really need to blame the voters of Wasserman's district for such an unwise selection and the DNC for appointing her to a position of responsibility.
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The frenzied attacks by MSM are evidence that we are on the right track-- go MICHELE! Take your RINO;s and shove 'em.
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Jan 31, 2010