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I'll join the "I can read well but I can't do math for anything" club as well. I love booked, I loved books as a child. I would get so engrossed in a book that people would have to shake me because I didn't realize they were talking to me whilst I was reading. I usually got C's or low B's in school. Once I had a good teacher and I got a high B or a low A. (though some of that was an A for effort.) Along with a lot of the other people here I got the concept but working with the numbers were just like trying to solve a riddle that was not solvable. Elementary school and it's memorization tables of sums and products was a nightmare. There were tears and panic and counting on my fingers and being reprimanded for counting on my fingers, etc. etc. etc. I just don't get that 5+7=12 automatically. I need to visualize or count it out. Multiplication is better and so is division because I can view the numbers as smashing together or being torn apart from each other. They just 'magically' do it not like addition or subtraction where I just can't make them magically go together or come apart. Taking chemistry, physics or high level math in high school was just not a do-able task for me. It was not until I got in college, despite being tested for various things like ADD and dyslexia, I discovered while doing long form in my accounting class that I transposed my number regularly. Then my whole life started making sense. I have a problem with numbers! It was like a light bulb went off. I looked up what is called dyscalculia and I felt instantly like I knew what was different about me. Now that I am aware of this I can be more careful about dealing with numbers and math problems in daily life. Ironically, when I was playing D&D in college I finally was able to grasp SOME of the concepts of adding two digit numbers to each other. This was mainly as result of trying not to look stupid in front of a room of all of my male friends (who love me even if I look stupid.) Even now I have 'on' and 'off' days for doing math. I tried to play Brain Age once and all of the panic and anxiety of elementary school came flooding back when I had to play the math/number portion of the game. I had to put it down and walk away and explain to my husband why a Nintendo game was giving me a low grade anxiety attack.
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Dec 3, 2009