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He should have claimed he was just testing their security.
I hope they at least made him fish out the IDs and clean them off.
He wasn't driving it on the golf course, he was driving it down the road. That's why they could get him for DUI.
Of course, nobody's willing to point out the obvious solution... Just don't be a criminal in the first place.
The person who should be prosecuted in this baby's death is the adult who decided to leave all these children home alone.
And now the whole world knows she has an STD. The teasing has just begun
It's interesting that the 3 cops ended up shooting each other in the process. Sounds like they just went nuts. Would have been fitting if they'd taken each other out rather than killing the innocent old lady.
We need to make it mandatory that whenever one law is passed, five old ones are repealed.
Toggle Commented Aug 11, 2010 on Is Kansas' seat-belt fine too low? at Crime Scene KC
Looking at his criminal record, it can be assumed that even if he gets out early, he'll be going right back in. Might as well save time, trouble, and money, and just keep him in.
I protest them using the term "non-criminal" since illegals are, by definition, criminals.
When I was younger, I worked in 2 different retail stores that wouldn't even let customers use the bathroom. I hated that policy, because I know kids (and pregnant women) can't always hold it. I silently applauded one mother who argued with the manager about her little boy needing to go, and then finally told the kid to just pee on the floor.
No mugshot, but how about video?
Thank goodness she didn't have a colostomy bag instead!
Um, James, I believe he asked her NOT to testify. I think you missed a word. :)
Unfortunately, some of those protection order violations will become violent crimes, especially since they're advertising that they won't do anything about it.
Gotta love her facebook info:!/profile.php?id=902410124 Wonder if the wonderful Tanner was the person she was beating up? I'm betting so. I feel sorry for her kid.
Toggle Commented Jun 22, 2010 on Quote of the day at Crime Scene KC
It always amazes me that people hear gunshots outside and go to the door or window to look. How stupid can you be?
Toggle Commented Jun 21, 2010 on Girl, 14, grazed during driveby at Crime Scene KC
I feel like it needs to be pointed out, again, that police officers do not make laws. City councils, and county and state legislatures make the laws. Police officers only enforce them. If you don't like the laws they're enforcing, you need to contact your local lawmakers and lobby to have them changed. Insulting the police does not help.
It said in the article she was 6 or 7 months pregnant. That's far enough along that there's a chance an (uninjured) baby can survive if born.
Now that I got that off my chest, back to the article and my first thought when I read it: the President wants to replace the corrupt local police with corrupt police that HE controls. Imagine that.
OMG, I'm so tired of that lame excuse that Americans don't want the work. I know a lot of white people who will do just about any honest job to support their family. Yes, we may have to pay them minimum wage, but we'll also collect taxes to educate their kids and they'll be responsible for paying for their own health care instead of ruining schools and hospitals by getting free care (that WE end up paying for in the long run).
Actually it mentions twice that they were step-brothers. Or were you making fun of the redundancy?
He apparently uses steroids, too. His neck is wider than his head!
The sad truth is, the 10 who were revoked will be fined or arrested, but nothing will happen to the 56 who were driving without a license, because most if not all of them are illegal.
I sincerely hope they're safe.