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If the writing fairy comes to visit, I ain't letting her go!
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Rode my bike over to the Studley Park Boathouse this afternoon, sat by the edge of the river in the sun, read my book and listened to the geese honking and the people boating. And on the way back I found this awesome trail that ran right along a bit of a cliff, and was really only wide enough for just my bike. So I got to practise riding in a straight line, and going over small rocks whilst still riding in a straight line and especially practised not riding off the edge. It's a bit hard to see how... Continue reading
Posted Mar 27, 2011 at Croftville
After lugging my MacBook around, I am seriously jonesing for an iPad. Either that or a massage. Continue reading
Posted Feb 6, 2011 at Croftville
It was short but sweet, my bris-vegas holiday. And it's a worry when the locals are complaining how hot and humid it is. But at least I didn't feel like a wuss for wilting every so often. I slept, was hot, read 3 books, was hot, drank lots of coffee, was hot, ate excessive amounts, was hot, wandered down to the local shops (ie scaled almost vertical hills), was hot, contemplated doing a boxing class, decided it as too hot, went to Noosa, was less hot, went to the beach and swam in the ocean, got almost cold because the... Continue reading
Posted Feb 6, 2011 at Croftville
I've always been a bit puzzled by people who travel on airplanes with their own pillow. Full-size bed pillow, that is. I haven't formed a view on those squishy u-shaped neck pillows yet, except that they are fun to squeeze in the shop. I mean, I get the idea about not being at the mercy of a strange pillow at your point of destination. No one can sleep well on the possible lumpy, foreign pillow that will greet you at the other end. And if you have one of those souped-up pillows - latex, memory foam, 100% virgin goose down,... Continue reading
Posted Feb 2, 2011 at Croftville
Proof that I rode my bike today! We went to the Collingwood Children's Farm, which admittedly is not too far a ride from my house, but it was my first ride in (actual length of time deleted) and it was also the first time Jenny had ridden with Caitlin in the baby seat. So I'm VERY familiar with my brakes, at one point I got overtaken by a jogger and, for a while there, 2 five year olds were giving me a run for my money. And although it's lame, I'm very pleased with myself because I went over a... Continue reading
Posted Jan 26, 2011 at Croftville
The guy sitting opposite from me on the tram today had a hot coffee. So hot he was doing the thing where you hold the top and bottom because the sides are burning your fingers. But then he wanted to listen to his iPod. So he carefully placed the coffee BETWEEN HIS LEGS on the seat. Because THAT'S where I'd put really hot coffee while riding public transport. The tram had stopped at the lights, so it was a race against time to get the ear-buds unrolled. He fumbled, the tram began to move and I watched with fascinated horror... Continue reading
Posted Jan 20, 2011 at Croftville
Instead, an overview: Friday night: I felt sort of strange, sort of restless and a bit mopey after I got home from work on Friday night, but after I read a bit, watched some trashy tv and had strawberry sorbet for dinner all was good in the world. Saturday: Decided it was too hot to go to boxing (and I was a bit concerned that three classes in 1 week was being obsessive) so instead I went shopping in the nicely air-conditioned Victoria Gardens for much-needed clothes. I was getting dangerously close to have to go to work wrapped in... Continue reading
Posted Jan 9, 2011 at Croftville
Reading old entries on blogs (thanks, Angry Chicken) led me to Tim Koch's ukulele covers. There's something really nice about the ukulele, and not just because it looks like a guitar that got shrunk in the wash. Continue reading
Posted Jan 8, 2011 at Croftville
Santa bought my bike for me today! Or rather, I went to the bike shop and bought the bike, and Santa's going to pay me back. He promised. It's a Scott Contessa and quite bling-y, because the colour scheme is white and gold. I imagine soon it be either mostly dust or mud coloured. Continue reading
Posted Dec 28, 2010 at Croftville
My iPod must know that I am delicately picking my way through monday morning and has decided to try and blow my mind by serving up first Kanye West - Gold-digger, then following it with Wicked Games - Chris Isaak - What the? And just as my brain manages the switch down and thinks ok, I can do some early morning lame sook-rock, the 'Pod moves onto the Prodigy - Firestarter. I'm almost too scared to hear what comes next. Continue reading
Posted Dec 12, 2010 at Croftville
It's Sunday morning and I'm sitting at the kitchen table surrounded by windows while the rain rolls down the glass. The drain pipe runs right nearby, so I sometimes can make out small gurgles under the drum of the rain on the paving. I'm meant to be writing, but I keep getting distracted equally by the rain drops and the lame, heart-broken love songs from the seventies and eighties that are playing on my cd player. It would be a strange person indeed who could ignore the lyrics: I hear the ticking of the clock I'm lying here the room's... Continue reading
Posted Oct 30, 2010 at Croftville
there is a beautiful blue sky up there today. I would take a picture, except I killed my camera in a drunken sloppy tafetta moment a couple of weeks ago at a Ball. Continue reading
Posted Oct 23, 2010 at Croftville
Today I: wrote more of my novel before work did maths : ( saw three dragonflies on the corner of Queen & Lonsdale Sts in the middle of the city ate South of the Border couscous (it has jalapenos, black beans and lime but I also put in pinenuts too) sang along to Blondie's Heart of Glass on my iPod saw lots of blossom on my walk to the gym and possums on my walk home beat my time on the Rower but found the pushups harder today thought of 2 more things to put on my 100 list Continue reading
Posted Oct 11, 2010 at Croftville
Just did a Body Step class. omg, could I BE anymore unco-ordinated? They kept telling me that it takes 5 classes to get the hang of it, but I think I could break through those 5 head for 10 and still end up facing the wrong way halfway through. If I'd taped it, I could have used the footage to blitz them at the Melbourne Comedy Festival next year. Although I get the feeling that wasn't the only chance for humourous stepping. Especially if I trip over the step again. (and who would have thought that it would be so... Continue reading
Posted Sep 24, 2010 at Croftville
I'm out of the corner, but for some reason I'm facebooking instead of writing. My ability to procrastinate is unlimited. : ) I think I'll go to bed and read more Mockingjay. Continue reading
Posted Sep 17, 2010 at Croftville
I've written myself into a corner. Bugger. Continue reading
Posted Sep 13, 2010 at Croftville
I've just noticed my last three posts have pics of my feet. make that four. Continue reading
Posted Aug 17, 2010 at Croftville
I have new gumboots. They are pink and remind me of boiled sweets. Now I'm finding excuses to garden... Continue reading
Posted Aug 15, 2010 at Croftville
My tights have their own agenda. And they were asserting it today. Doin' exactly what they wanted, which was coincidentally not what what I wanted them to do. Continue reading
Posted Aug 11, 2010 at Croftville
Every year my friends and I celebrate Xmas in July while it's nice and cold and Wintery in Melbourne. And every year there is a theme and we all dress up. Last year I was Amelia Eahart, and before that it was 70's -o-rama. This year was Dancing in July and I got to wear something I've always wanted to: a Poodle Skirt! My very talented friend Chris whipped one up for me in a whirlwind of pink netting and felt, and I spent the morning of the party sewing on a poodle with plenty of bling on the collar. Continue reading
Posted Aug 3, 2010 at Croftville
When packing, do not leave your mobile phone in the pocket of an item of clothing, forget which item of clothing it is, or which box it's been packed into. Otherwise, instead of packing more, you are faced with locating a phone somewhere in here: Ringing the mobile confirms that it is somewhere in the wall of boxes, but does not narrow it down to which box. However, the most likely item of clothing to contain phone has been identified as back pocket of denim mini skirt, giving some direction as to which box to try first. Thus begins the... Continue reading
Posted Jul 26, 2010 at Croftville
Image much! We are moving into our rental house so that the renovation extravaganza can begin next month. So not only do I have to pack everything up and move now - in roughly 10 - 12 months I have to pack it all back up again and move back. Except it won't be as much next time - because I'm totally culling as I unpack. I promise. (Actually, I know that somethings are going, because as I threw them into boxes today, I thought to myself, "well, I don't want to keep that," but it seemed all too hard... Continue reading
Posted Jul 25, 2010 at Croftville
I feel like I achieved a lot this weekend (thank god, because I've spent the last two being full of cold - or rather, fullb ofb Colbd). Yesterday I went to two timber flooring places and narrowed down my choices for the new floors in our house-to-be. And surprisingly, we both like the cheaper types of hardwoods - I'm sure that will be the only time we like the cheapest! Then we had breakfast at Miss Marmalade (Toasted Raspberry and Banana Bread with berries, lemon curd and pistachios - my favourite menu item! We saw the lovely Robyn and the... Continue reading
Posted Jul 11, 2010 at Croftville
I love mail. I love getting it and I like sending it almost even more (I know I'm strange) I like stamps, wrapping things up - you get the idea. So when I found swap-bot I was in some kind of mailing heaven. I'm doing mostly crafty swaps, which is fun and forces me to actually make things rather than just plan to make them. Though I'm trying to restrict myself while - A) work is so busy, B) I'm packing up the house to move, C) trying to find a rental property, D) making semi-crucial decisions about the renovation... Continue reading
Posted Jun 29, 2010 at Croftville