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If it makes you feel better, I took my dog camping with me this week. And she was just fixed on Monday. I blame it on being Canadian. Anyway, I woke up to 8 pools of dog vomit in my tent, with my 4 year old daughter and a thunderstorm. I think I got four hours of sleep that night too. On the plus side, my puppy (a husky/border collie mix) is the sweetest dog. She doesn't really bark and she's a suck for an ear rub.
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I graduated with a BFA in technical theatre, and my friends in other faculties couldn't understand why I was so upset when I found out that they were buying ripped-off movies. People don't seem to see theft of intellectual property as theft. What really gets me is that as a (now) high-school teacher, trying to explain to a kid why ripping off four different essays off the internet and splicing them together is STILL PLAGERISM and will net them a mark of zero. I totally agree with creative commons - but that's a choice that the creator of the information, music or art has made for themselves. When artists work, they should be paid, or at least recognized for their work. I feel quite stabby about it too. I lost a few 'friends' in university by tipping off the police to where they were making illegal copies of movies.
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My husband used to drive about 45 minutes each way in Toronto to get to his job - he used the same words - soul crushing. It's amazing how so many people use the same words to describe something. I'm lucky that I work in a really tiny community (less than 3000 people) and I get to walk to work through the wilderness every day. Ah, the joy of living in a fly-in only community. But then we get the extra pollution and disruption that living somewhere where most of the food is flown in by plane. I'm moving this summer and I'm very worried that I'm going to end up with a killer commute. Here's hoping I don't.
Toggle Commented Jun 3, 2011 on long line of cars at WWdN: In Exile
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Any chance that online-only people could get in on the USB drive? Heck, I'd be willing to SEND you a thumb drive so that I could get all that cool content!
Toggle Commented May 25, 2011 on My 2011 Phoenix Comicon Schedule at WWdN: In Exile
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May 25, 2011