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Darren - you missed the point, and perhaps don't know what normalized battery life is. With or without the slice (and the graph does show both), this is life per WATT, which is what matters when discussing battery life. Anyways, here's what Anandtechs own Jarred had to say about it "I'd have to see if Anand used the "Balanced" or "Power Saver" setting for his Surface Pro 2 review, but it may have been Balanced -- which would mean it would a bit closer to the VAIO Pro 13 result on Power Saver. Also, Anand used our tablet battery life test, which at one point was less demanding than our laptop battery life test but perhaps the latest iteration changed things -- and depending on whether he used IE10/IE11 in Win8 mode or desktop mode, he could also see lower battery life."
AND, he picked two separate tests off of Anandtech, they're both "light" workloads but Anand regularly updates the tests to be more realistic. Just sloppy journalism here.
Except this isn't true at all. I know this is going to get downvoted past anyone seeing it here, but here's the Vaio clearly beating MBA efficiency. It's really all about OEM part selection (panel, cpu/GPU, chips you wouldn't even think of on the motherboard, dimms, etc etc)
Typing this on a ~7 year old Athlon XP 1800+ beast of a machine. RAM maxed out to a whopping 3GB, hard drive upgraded to a 7200RPM 250GB WD drive, and graphics card upgraded to a Radeon x1650PRO. Processor slightly overclocked to AXP2200+ levels. Still runs daily tasks smoothly, and is showing no signs of going belly up. GO ATHLONS!
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Dec 17, 2009