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Dominion by itself is fantastically fun, perhaps one of the best stand-alone card games I've ever played. The expansions, though, increase the fun by vast amounts. The depth that Intrigue adds is incredible, and Seaside opens up lots of different strategies. (Enough that I'm no longer confident that I'm going to win most games against my friends... I'm behind on my learning curve.) Don't stand on principle, Wil, get the expansions. You'll still probably spend less on them than you would in a few weeks of Magic. ^_~ With regards to Pandemic, I'm not sure I agree. While I've found that it's an interesting idea, I don't think the execution really warrants the high marks the game has gotten. While you're right that it's difficult to beat, the game doesn't really scale strategy-wise. Once you've figured out the optimal ways to play, there isn't a lot of variety, and the higher levels of the game just make it more prone to luck, not more prone to honing a stronger strategy. It's possible the expansion adds a fair bit, but at this point, I think the game is basically solved for me.
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Dec 18, 2009