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In 1989, I married into a card-playing, board game-playing family. I don't sit still very long, and playing Monopoly makes me want to stab people. Checkers, chess, gin rummy, hearts, Life, Sorry...I just don't like them. I did love D&D, though. LOVED it. I'm a writer and storyteller and D&D spoke to my love of narrative and world building. Over the years, we compromised on some games, but game night was a rarity. Then I happened to read about Munchkin on your blog. It sounded...intriguing. We now have several versions of Munchkin, and when I heard about Tabletop, we subscribed right away. Every new episode is the subject of hours of conversation and we each have a want list for games. We're back to having a family game night and I'm excited to report that we ALL love the games we've begun to acquire. It's such a great thing to be able to watch some of these games be played. My 11 year old son has a list of gifts he wants for his birthday in July: all games from Tabletop episodes. And guess what: he's getting every one. (and I'm damn excited about it and so is my husband) Thanks Wil.
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You are a fortunate man, Mr. Wheaton. Give Anne a fistbump from another wife of a husband with a hobby that makes him adorably delighted. Adorably delighted husbands rock.
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Sep 14, 2011